Tomorrow, Friday’s 15 degree Scorpio lunar eclipse (10:34 a.m. pacific) will bring changes, one way or another.

This is good news, because, I don’t know about you, but when I sense a wave of transformative change, I like to start paddling to get ahead of it a bit. 

And this is one of the most powerful and potentially transformational moons of the year, that’s before factoring in the eclipse. Yep, a Scorpio full moon is power-packed by definition. Scorpio is arguably the most powerful, and in my opinion, most interesting sign in the zodiac. 

The first thing I notice in the chart of the eclipse is that the Scorpio moon, which is of course opposed by the sun, is hanging out all by itself, with only oppositions for company. And one of the planets flanking the sun is Uranus, the disruptor of the zodiac. And on the other side of the sun, Mercury. 

What does that mean? Well, people are going to say some pretty provocative things. And how do you think the Scorpio moon will take that? 

Well, that depends on how mindful, centered and grounded in our power and truth we can remain.

This time will bring up emotions for just about everyone. If you have Scorpio placements, particularly around the 15th degree, yeah, stuff will be stirred up. If you know which house in your chart this eclipse falls, you will have a better idea of where some of these slings and arrows may be aimed. 

For me, it’s in my first house, just over my ascendant, which is the double-edged sword of deepest wound and most transformation. And I’ve noticed recently that when the moon’s in Scorpio, the sign of my ascendant, it brings up all the what-ifs and coulda shoulda’s faster than a green gummy bear. So, fun times. But forewarned is forearmed, as they say. Wish me luck 🙂

Ok, well, let’s talk about some of the good news. Remember that pesky Mercury retro that we’re in? Well, that’s not the good news, but the aspects to Mercury are pretty good, so there’s a chance that if you speak with the intent of furthering your grand vision, especially if you’ve done some due-diligence around your messaging and offer, it will have a positive impact. Mercury is powered by both the sun and the north node, as well as a friendly aspect to Saturn. And that’s good because even if you put your foot in it (because Mercury retro) there’s a way that could even work in your favor.

And speaking of friendly aspects, sextiles, we’ve got quite a few in this eclipse chart. One of these is Pluto and Neptune, which could bring very usable and powerful intuitions. I’ve already been feeling this one. Ideas abound when these two are friendly, and you’re taking time to check in through meditation and mindful activity. Pay attention to dreams and out-of-the-blue insights.

Another is Venus and Jupiter. Jupiter is the big lucky, and Venus is the small lucky. So that one is good all around. Lucky in love maybe? Or money? Venus rules both, so why not take a chance or two?

And speaking of Jupiter, remember how I’ve said that nearly all Jupiter aspects are lucky? Well, that takes care of two squares in the eclipse chart. Yup, Jupiter is in t-square with Pluto and Mars. So don’t rush to judgement if things aren’t going as planned (mostly, they won’t), but do look for the silver lining, hidden gold and the like. Disruptions will cause doors and windows of opportunity to open. Maybe put that on a post-it note 🙂

Oh yeah, and the one trine in the chart? (Trines are the most favorable aspect) Mars and Neptune. It will take a bit a self-knowledge and trust in the Universe, spirit or whatever you want to call it, but acting quickly from a place of intuitive knowing could bring big rewards. 

I know, I know, the Mercury retro. But seriously, I don’t put that much stock in it. Yeah, things will go haywire from time to time. Use it to ratchet up your threshold for things not going to plan, and demote your inner control freak. Use it as an excuse to rest more and be more creative.

More good news. Remember that a full moon asks us to let go, release, detox, declutter and the like. This is the time to tackle that nagging habit or big bugaboo. The lunar eclipse gives the committed that extra push. Seek the support you need, as that will set you up for the most success, especially with the moon out there on its own. 

By the way, have you made the transition? From “I’m a (insert sun sign)” to “I was born when the sun was in (sun sign) but I identify as a (insert moon sign) as that’s where the moon was at my birth.” Seriously, give it a whirl. It has changed my life. 

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