Monday’s 21 degree Scorpio new moon (where does this fall in your chart?) comes with an invitation to get it done.

One thing that just about everyone I’ve spoken to in the last month or so learned from this eclipse cycle is that there is something that needs to be accomplished. If you’re anything like me or the people who felt something shifting as the big energies of the eclipses swept through, there is probably more than one pretty substantial thing that you are being called to do.

And in most of these cases, it wasn’t subtle.

If you are one of those who heard the call to take that next, big, exciting (and maybe a bit scary) step in the direction of purpose and passion, you probably know what it is, or at least have enough information to make the first step.

And most likely, you haven’t made the big push yet, because although you received the guidance, you may have felt confused as to how to begin, or you had a sense that it wasn’t quite the right time.

Well, guess what?

This new moon is for you. The time is coming. So get ready.

Yep, I’m saying get your proverbial ducks lined up, your desk cleared off, your completions completed, your releases released, and be ready to spring out of bed on Monday morning and begin the work of getting it done.

The Scorpio new moon comes in at 1:27 a.m. Monday morning. And while a Scorpio moon is always powerful, this one packs an extra punch as Mars rides shotgun to the moon/sun conjunction. And Mars, the old-school ruler of Scorpio (before Pluto came along), brings more initiative and resolve to whatever task it commits itself to. It also isn’t afraid to step on a few toes if necessary, or step out of line if the line is moving in the wrong direction.

Uranus, the planet of change, vision and disruption is in opposition to the sun/moon/Mars threesome. Yep, this is the not-so-subtle do-it-or-else nudging that you may already be feeling.

However, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, the outermost outer planets, are still working harmoniously and synergystically together. So if there was ever a time, it would be about now.

And Neptune, ruler of intuition, spiritual guidance and symbols, has been working overtime to show you how to proceed. In this chart, Neptune trines the sun, moon and Mars to help you along. Meditate, pay attention to hunches and repeating themes or symbolism.

Saturn chimes in as well, issuing its own directives, and crosses wires with Mercury, which could wreak havoc with your self-talk, most notably, the voice of conventional wisdom and the fearful, critical or over-protective parent in one’s head. Notice this, and observe it. Ask if it’s coming from fear or guidance. Then tune into the god of joy. Go for a walk or do something creative or mindful.

Venus is on the other side of the Mercury coin. Venus is the voice of love, and will settle the matter if you tune in. She’s in one of the signs she rules: Libra, and in friendly aspect to Mercury. I’m reminded of Byron Katie’s book “Loving What Is”. Katie lovingly asks the voice (in one’s head) with great curiosity, “Is that really true?”

And speaking of Mercury, the planet of communications and commerce goes retro in less than a month–more on that shortly–so there’s even more reason to forge ahead with this new moon.

So, to summarize, as this moon comes in, it’s “go time” where your big dreams and plans are concerned. Yes, Saturn will chime in, but all it wants, as the god of discipline, is your firm commitment, and a good plan for putting one foot in front of the other, while doing a few practical things in the way of appeasement. Easy-peasy. Saturn will help you out once he sees you are going about the goal in a methodic and measurable way.

And while Uranus is (as always) a bit of a wild card with this opposition, a lot of the stuff it throws you will actually be of some benefit. Be flexible and ready to respond to sudden opportunities. And as I often say, don’t rush to judgment.

What big thing will you begin (or recommit to) in a big way?

Want to know exactly where this new moon falls in your chart, and how to maximize the burst of energy it provides? Let’s talk!

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