The new moon before an eclipse cycle is generally a good one for getting your house in order so as to be ready when change and opportunity come calling over the next month or so. This Scorpio new moon (Thursday, November 4 at 2:14 p.m. pacific) is also a good one for a reboot as it’s the new moon after last month’s Mercury retro. Yes, things probably need straightening up, and priorities need to be re-assessed. But there is good news for those with a vision.

Opportunity is a buzzword for this new moon. It’s everything a new moon should be: fiery, motivating, and good for taking a deep breath before sallying forth on a new path or launching a new version of an old dream.

All the planets are showing up and interacting at this party, so there’s something for everyone.

New moons usually bring more harmony. And this one will have an element of that. But don’t expect anything Scorpio to be all rainbows and unicorns.

Who are the troublemakers? You might ask. Well, it’s pretty much the usual suspects: Pluto, Uranus, Saturn, and Mars all make challenging aspects in this new moon’s chart. But since these have been the power players of the past couple of years, not too much is new about that. So basically, if problems are coming up, they are probably not new ones, just re-mixes of the old tunes you used to dance to.

But what this new moon asks is that you renew the way you meet these challenges. Uranus is the planet of change, and it opposes the sun/moon conjunction. This opposition will make it harder to remain complacent in arrangements that don’t serve everyone involved. I’ve spoken a lot about the Age of Aquarius, and how the ox year began with a concentration of planets in Uranus’ home sign. This is for good reason. Many old arrangements and systems are no longer working, and it’s time for new ones to be born. A lot of that is happening now. But with an eclipse cycle coming up, there is sure to be more change of this nature in the offing.

Scorpio is the sign of transformation, and its ruling planet Pluto is tensely aspecting Mars. It’s time to be proactive about what needs changing. Those who resist needed maintenance, communication, adjustments and releasing may find the demolition work gets done for them. So it’s a good time to take care of business, and to ask yourself how any task might be done more efficiently, then get busy updating.

And there is quite a bit of motivation and inspiration around to spur you forward in so doing. Again, Aquarius is the visionary of the zodiac, and since it’s the sign of the year, and it’s ruling planet factors mightily in this new moon chart, it’s a good idea to get re-centered on your ultimate vision, the big why behind all you are doing and intend to do, then tie your actions to that grand vision. And in order for your grand vision to be grand, it must help to better the world for all, another Uranian/Aquarian value.

Remember that the ox year is all about work. Where you put your energy this year will determine where you reap your harvest. And since Mars, too factors into this chart, now is not the time to be lazy. Certainly, a new moon should provide some respite, so build in moments of rest and rejuvenation, as this is necessary to your productivity, but don’t rest on your laurels too much right now, as there is much to be accomplished.

Venus and Mercury are in harmony, so have those relationship talks with an eye to making things better for both parties. Same with work discussions. If you are committed to making things fairer for all, a strong Venusian value, you will achieve some success.

And if you want even better news about communications, Jupiter and Mercury are also in favorable aspect. Writers, speakers and other communicators will enjoy more luck in their endeavors. Put your best foot forward, but also be willing to push the envelope and ask for a little more, as long as you have the goods to deliver.

It should be an interesting two weeks, to say the least. Expect more drama in the news, but we should also see some solutions to ongoing problems starting to arise.

Lastly, remember to set your intentions for the next month (or year if it’s the new moon closest to your birthday).

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New Moon Blessings,


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