OK, so today’s the day that Mercury goes direct! Well, that’s good news, but it’s still a time for caution, particularly today and tomorrow, as the 24 hours or so surrounding a planet’s direction change can be the most volatile times of the entire cycle. In the case of Mercury, the planet know as the cosmic trickster, this is especially the case. Mercury likes to stir up the pot a little before it mellows out.


And speaking of mellowing out, this is a good time to do just that. Relax. Maybe lie low. Do the behind the scenes work. Remember that we are in a time of completion, as we recently had a lunar eclipse (Friday, September 16) in Pisces. Meditate. Be creative, think outside the box. By the Libra new moon of September 30, there should be more direction, clarity and motivation to be had. We’ll also be out of the “storm” period that follows Mercury retro. By October 7, we’ll really be up to speed.

Another thing that is happening is the autumnal equinox, tomorrow, Thursday, September 22. At 7:21 PDT, the sun moves into Libra. Around this time, celebrate the successes you’ve had in the past 6 months. Look for evidence that you are on the right path. Reevaluate. Plan. Think ahead 3, 6 and 12 months. What would you like to accomplish in that time? Write it down. Maybe burn a candle. Think of this time as a time to complete things, maybe by the winter solstice, maybe the end of the year, whatever works for you.

One more little monkey wrench, though this is a smaller one, especially if you’re mindful: Venus, the planet of love and money is moving into Scorpio on Friday. Sometimes this means a shake-up in the love life. If that is going to happen, most likely you’ve had a preview of it during the recent eclipse cycle. Jealousy and resentment are Scorpio’s bedfellows. But the upside is that Scorpio can be sexy and magnetic. Secrets may come to light. And since Venus rules money as well, this may be a time to really look at finances. Again, mindfulness will save the day.

So while we’re not out of the storm yet, calmer, more focused times are coming. And while it’s not yet time to do a major launch, or make a big splash, that time is coming soon. Get ready for it!