Tomorrow’s new moon (Tuesday, 2:28 a.m. pacific) is a great one for new beginnings. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and a cardinal (initiating) sign. We’ve just exited the storm period after a particularly tricky Mercury retro, and spring has just begun. Yeah, I know there’s a lot we can’t do. The whole state of California is pretty much closed. However, there is a lot to be optimistic about.

The question posed by an energetic Aries new moon is : What CAN I do now? Aries is singular, initiative, and assertive. And isn’t that appropriate now, in this time of purposeful isolation and social distancing? It’s not a question so much of what can be accomplished by groups, although that may factor in to it down the line. It’s a question of leadership, and taking the first step, beginning the conversation, being the one to step forward first.

Thinking: “What could I do for the first time?” could be favorable now. Remember: Aries is the first sign. Striving for personal bests is a great way to work with Aries energies. And how can you simultaneously sit on your couch and get out of your comfort zone? That’s a good one to ponder. I know there are some good answers.

And you will likely feel energized by it in some way. Get outside. Yeah, you may be told to shelter in place, but that doesn’t mean don’t go for a walk or bike ride. Get out and breathe some air that is a little cleaner than it was this time last month. And get exercise. Aries is an energetic, physical sign ruled by the planet Mars.

Remember when I told you that our big lesson of the year would be the Saturn/Pluto lesson? These two heavy-hitting planets have been pretty much tangoing on and off for the past two years. They were cheek-to-cheek as 2020 began, setting the tone for a year of karmic testing. Saturn asks for responsibility and accountability. And Pluto is all about power, but also transformation. The cool thing is that these two karmic giants will, if we work diligently and strive for what is right and just, blend their powers and balance each other out in the end, and we will have discovered a better way to work, to govern, and a more equitable distribution of opportunity and wealth.

And when is the end? Well, Saturn just entered Aquarius, and will separate from Pluto in Capricorn over the next few months, although it will go retro in May, be back in Capricorn in July, and reach another conjunction in September. By December, we will be out of the woods, conjunction-wise, though, like an earthquake, this magnitude of a conjunction will bring aftershocks for some time.

Right now, as we go into this new moon, Jupiter and Mars are both in Capricorn, one on either side of Pluto, alternately giving out bursts of optimism and aggression. Use these energies over the next two weeks. Pissed-off about something? What can you do other than complaining on social media? Do you see a bigger vision for yourself? What small steps or big leaps can you take? Aries likes to leap, probably more than any other sign.

And here’s another cool thing about this new moon: Venus, the feminine planet of love, beauty and money, is getting some love from the masculine Jupiter/Pluto/Mars conjunction in the form of a trine. What does this mean? Well, on the obvious front, lots of babies will be born around the end of 2020. But if you are in a committed relationship that is mostly harmonious, your relationship will probably survive being shut-in together, and even emerge stronger.

And if you’re single, this may be a great time to “meet” someone online. It may develop into an actual courtship, rather than just a hookup, as every new relationship should be a long-distance relationship now. And in my experience doing this work for years, some of the best relationships I see started at a distance. With Neptune, the planet of unconditional or “great” love in positive aspect to Venus, you could well meet either the love of your life, or a really good imposter, as the other side of the Neptune coin is illusion. So use your intuition and your common sense.

And what about money? Well, Venus loves creativity. If you find it hard to create money in the ways that were working before, ask yourself how you might use a creative skill or talent to make new work for yourself. If you are open to guidance and intuitive information, you will get ideas. Another good question is: “What can I do now that I couldn’t fully do before?” Or “What opportunities has this time opened for me?” If you don’t get an immediate answer, meditate on it. Then go for a walk (in a non-crowded place) and see what arises. Again, remember the thing I said about getting out of your comfort zone? I had a coach once who said “Your comfort zone is your money zone.” I use that one often. If you are being drawn to something, walk toward it, even if you don’t see how money can come from it.

Don’t be afraid to take time for yourself. I know that sounds like “Duh?” But for those of us with partners and kids home at the same time, it can be tricky. Remember, Aries is all about yourself. Take care of you first, and you will stay strong for others. Meditate, take baths. I am streaming my yoga classes now so I can do yoga in the living room or backyard. If you can, go for walks on your own.

Most of the aspects captured in this new moon’s chart are positive. There’s even a nice Mercury/Uranus aspect that will help creative writers. Want to write science fiction? Good time to try your hand at it. Automatic, or channeled writing is also favored now, and writing may bring insights and answers. But there is one difficult aspect, a Mars/Uranus square, which can be actual danger. Yes, there is a possibility of becoming ill if one is not careful. And yes, there will be shocking stories and scary things being said on TV. Give yourself permission to tune out from time-to-time.

And if you want more specifics on how this all relates to you, and where these influences arise in your chart, give me a call.

May you be blessed in large and small ways, and may you and your loved ones be safe and well during this time.

New moon blessings,


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