Saturday’s 5 degree Taurus Lunar Eclipse (1:24 p.m. pacific) will give us a potent energy burst, which can be used to catapult oneself and one’s vision forward, or it can be a triggering force that plunges one into anger and aggression. Or most likely a mixture of both. Almost everyone will experience one or more difficult patterns emerging around this lunation. Or, maybe, like me, you already have seen some of this arising.

But I live with two strong-willed, double-fixed sign individuals who tend to be a tad reactive at the best of times. And this is a time, with the double-fixed opposition in Taurus and Scorpio compounded by the eclipse, that most fixed sign affiliates will be triggered at least somewhat.

What fixed-sign placements do you have, especially in the early degrees? Who do you know who might be extra sensitive to this Taurus/Scorpio opposition?

Yep, a lunar eclipse, with its opposing energies, is the more volatile of the two eclipses.

So expect that there may be disruption, disagreement and misunderstanding. Be mindful and flexible. And expect that good will come of delays, irritations and inconveniences. In fact, seek to create the opening for this good.

I know that when I send out these newsletters, I’m preaching to the proverbial choir. If you’ve read this far, chances are you’re the peacemaker more often that not. After all, your boss or coworker that gets so frazzled around the full moon probably isn’t reading this. And its probably just as likely that you are the one taking the high road when the low road is so tempting 🙂

So take care of yourself now. Maybe take a few breaks from the news or social media, as the world is currently offering up all manner of examples of this type of behavior.

OK, let’s jump to the good news.

Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, is conjunct the moon, which helps to provide the above-mentioned silver lining when things go awry. Reversals are highly likely, so keep in mind that the moon is the soul. Luck will come from doing your soul’s bidding. The ego’s? not so much. Again, this occurs in the early degrees of Taurus, and can be very beneficial to those with earth, and, to a lesser degree, water placements from 0-16 degrees. Where is this occurring in your chart?

On the other side of the opposition, we have another conjunction. Mercury and Mars are conjunct the sun, which can make for strong, clear, persuasive communications, especially for watery and earthy types, and once again from 0-16 degrees.

But Mars is involved, so, yes, there will be harsh words and some things may be said that are hard to take back. So take a step away and a deep breath. Ask yourself if it truly needs to be said. Sometimes it does. But if that’s the case, make sure you are completely on board with your words.

The saying “Seek first to understand, then to be understood” definitely applies here. But if you are, in the words of Don Miguel Ruiz, impeccable with your word, you will find that your words shape your reality more than usual now. Declare your intentions aloud when you feel drawn to do so, and among your true friends. Ask to be held accountable.

Another good thing: the outer planets Uranus, Pluto and Neptune are friendly with each other now. This will not always be the case, so if you have big changes to make, this is the time to follow through on them. Yes, I said continue rather than begin, as the cycle following a full moon (a lunar eclipse is just a full moon on steroids) is a time for continuances and completions. It is also a time to release and reduce those things that stand between you and the vision.

If you still have things to start, begin them now, as of this writing, we have nearly two days until the eclipse. I’ve spoken a lot about “token starts”, or small beginnings, which put projects into the “ongoing” pile for the next two weeks.

Saturn remains retro, and unaspected in this lunation, so those who can self-motivate and self-manage will do well now without the boss hovering over them. And if it seems the boss is hovering over you, a bargain for more autonomy may be a good one to make now.

Venus, the planet of love, money and justice, is opposed Neptune. So try not to make huge impulse purchases and/or commitments, as the real truth might not be completely clear now. Also, scams and schemes abound now, so double-check anything that seems too good to be true.

Having said all that, there will be a few “love-at-first-sight” moments in the two weeks following this eclipse.

In all manners, trust your guidance and intuition. Meditate and ground yourself often. And hold onto your hat!

If you would like to diet, detox, clean and clear, the two weeks following Saturday’s lunation will be friendly to your plans. Making big pushes in these areas will pay dividends.

And here’s some more good news: if you took my advice around the solar eclipse, and set intentions, then worked toward them, even in small increments or by making token starts, you may begin to see movement on these goals over the next two weeks. And if it seems like you’ve done everything right, and still nothing, don’t despair. Jupiter is retro, so sometimes that can cause delay. Keep doing the work for the sake and joy of the work itself. And keep clearing the space around you in positive expectation.

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