Here’s the short answer…

Probably so. It’s a lucky year.

But there will be several, if not many situations that will challenge you. And the one thing that will make or break your dragon year will be your ability to see these challenges as opportunities and use them to shift (preferably quickly) rather than throw up your hands or resist change.

The dragon year wants bigger things for you. And the way to allow this is to continually expand your comfort zone. Your comfort zone is your money, love, friendship and creativity zone. The more you expand it, the more wonderful things and experiences can make their way to you.

Before we go on, I’d like to remind you of my article from last year, which, IMHO was quite fabulous 🙂 Here’s what I wrote:

“Just before the January 1 new year, I gave my daughter a new calendar. She immediately flipped through the pages to August, her birthday month. Upon seeing the picture, her eyes went wide with excitement. She said “Whoo-hoo! I’m an owl!”’

“Of course, this was just the picture on the calendar page, and meant about as much as calling January 1 a “new year.” But I loved her surprise and eagerness to embody this beautiful bird. Owls, of course, are known for their innate intelligence, and they value silence, as they fly soundlessly. They are flexible, seeing from all angles, and can navigate the dark. We talked about how we can learn from the owl and develop and cultivate owl qualities. And as we were having this discussion, I had the thought that this was a perfect way to approach the lunar new year.”

So when you greet the Aquarius new moon (February 9 at 2:59 p.m. pacific) that ushers in the lunar new year, the best thing to say is “Whoo-hoo, I’m a Dragon!”

And who wouldn’t want to be a dragon? Seriously, think of all the cool things you could do. Plus, you’ll be the subject of movies, TV shows, books and even tattoos.

How we will most successfully navigate the year of the dragon will depend a lot on how we are able to embody dragon characteristics, as well as ride the highs and lows with confidence and purpose.

So what are dragon characteristics? Well, above all, the dragon is bold. It is a yang, or active sign. And while this year is the year of the wood dragon, which makes it more inquisitive and introvert-friendly, there is always an outgoing energy and charisma to the dragon. Yep, it still wants you to make some daring moves.

Change is the rule in the dragon year. If you want to make big, sweeping changes, you are in the right place. If you just want to hold on to what you have, you will have to make at least a few changes in order to do so. You will have to learn new things and adapt to the changing marketplace and world. Because a dragon is anything but a dinosaur. If you tend to move slowly, the dragon year will urge you to pick up the pace.

Remember the other thing I have said in recent articles about lunar new years. Nah, you probably don’t, but I’ll remind you. It doesn’t even matter which Chinese lunar animal you are, whether or not you are supposedly compatible with the year. Yeah, if we’ve had a session, and you are one of the dragon’s “friends”, I probably did mention that. If you are a fire element person (Rat or Monkey), you will probably have an easier time being the dragon, as people of the same element understand the element and work with it. But really, it’s how well you harmonize with the dragon, being flexible and daring. And when it’s your element, you will attract more like-hearted people to you.

And if you are a dragon, well, buckle up. It’s going to require a lot of you. You will work harder, but there will be rewards for doing so.

But seriously, I can get a better idea of how the dragon year is going to be for you by looking at your birth chart alongside the chart of the new moon that ushers in the new year.

My favorite quote for the dragon year: Fortune favors the bold. Brave is also another interchangeable word in this quote.

Another thing about this particular dragon year. This year’s wood element gives a little leeway to those of us who don’t always want to be the center of attention, or move at a breakneck speed all the time. Yes, this will allow us a bit of down-time, and the occasional nose in a book moment. But be sure to intersperse your mental and physical activities, doing at least one thing a bit bold or expanding every day. Yep, every day. Well, at least five days a week. Pencil it in.

The economy is generally good, though volatile, in a dragon year. There will undoubtably be ups and downs in most markets.

And have you noticed that presidential elections always take place in fire years? Of the three, the rat is a bit more prudent and self-interested, while the monkey is tricky, and loves to turn things upside down. The dragon enjoys drama, and likes a good horserace, so we will definitely see lots of dramatic developments, upsets and surprises in that arena.

The dragon loves change, but is intelligent and strategic in bringing it about. Charisma is important in the dragon year, but the dragon ultimately knows when to call b.s. The dragon does not gladly suffer fools, so we will see a lot of foolishness melt away this year.

War and other conflicts may rage on for a while, but accountability will also factor into the dragon’s plans. Unlike the crafty monkey, the dragon respects authority and calls for a balancing of the scales. The dragon year can bring diplomacy, as well as out-of-the box solutions.

Fashion trends will be bolder and more eye-catching this year. Take a few chances, and add more color to your wardrobe, hair or home decor.

What to do before the new year starts to set yourself up for the most success?

Clean, organize, purge, release things and situations that you don’t want holding you back in the new year. Ideally, do this now, while the moon wanes. The dragon will appreciate you coming prepared, being streamlined and focused.

Wear new clothes or at least one new garment on the day of the new year. It begins January 9 at 2:59 p.m. pacific. And be sure to celebrate the new year, perhaps on multiple occasions, as the festivities often go on for weeks.

Obtain a small statuette of a dragon and one of your own lunar zodiac animal (make sure they’re of comparable size). On the first day of the lunar new year, you’ll place them side by side, facing east. This will bring you luck in the new year. This year’s dragon is made of wood, so if you can find a wood dragon, all the better.

Look for a lion dance, and give the lion a red envelope with a few dollars in it. Or give this gift to a child and/or make a donation to a charity in honor of the dragon.

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