Remember how I always used to say that in astrology, there’s never a perfect time?

Well, scrap that! I just found a perfect new moon. Or at least as close to perfect as I’ve seen in a while.

Lately, I’ve been studying what makes any given chart shine with the promise of peace, fortune and all the good things. Whether it be a birth chart, an event chart, or the combination of the two (see my note below on my recent World Cup predictions), the key is good aspects, essentially planets playing nice with each other. And sometimes that actually happens. And Friday’s new moon is a great example of this.

Which is what we need heading into the holidays, wouldn’t you agree?

Of course, a new moon in itself is more peaceful than most other moons. The full moon is an opposition between the sun and moon, the half-moon is often even more fraught with conflict as it’s a difficult square between the two luminaries, but a new moon is a cozy joining of the sun and moon, head and heart, body and soul.

This new moon (2:17 a.m., Friday, December 23) occurs at 2 degrees Capricorn (or to be precise 1 degree and 38 minutes). And the first thing I look at in the chart of a lunation is what planets aspect the sun/moon combo. This time there is only one aspect, and that is Jupiter, the planet of luck, expansion and adventure. And although that aspect is a square, normally a challenging aspect, the rule for Jupiter is that (almost) any aspect is a good aspect.

OK, I know you saw that “almost” in there. Here’s how that works. Since Jupiter is the planet of all good things, it would stand to reason that it can also be the planet of too much of a good thing. Yep, those with a tendency toward excess may overindulge, over-react, over-compensate, and a variety of other “overages” during any Jupiter transit, but especially a challenging one such as this square.

For most, however, and in most cases, it will be a matter of good fortune coming from seeming misfortune, or opportunities disguised as work, irritation, and/or puzzles to be solved. Good to know, huh? Have fun finding the opportunity in everything now. Oh yeah, and try not to rush to judgement when these inconveniences arise.

And speaking of inconveniences, did I forget to mention that we’re about to go into a Mercury retro? Yeah, I think I must have. Otherwise, I probably wouldn’t have waxed on about the perfection of this new moon. However, when tomorrow’s moon/sun conjunction occurs, Mercury is only beginning to slow down, and is not yet in the official retro period.

The retro “proper” starts on December 29 and goes until January 18. The storm period lasts until January 24.

But in spite of that, I still think you’ll find this new moon period (the two weeks following the new moon) more positive than negative, as personal planets Mercury and Venus are in friendly aspect to Neptune, which allows for increased intuition and out-of-the-box thinking, communication and problem solving as well as the synchronous finding of luck, love and bargains.

And the luck doesn’t end there. Pluto and Jupiter in a nice sextile can bring about powerful changes in fortune, brushes with fame and influence, and opportunities for reinvention.

Neptune and Pluto are also in good aspect. Once again, brilliant ideas abound and may arise from silence and mindful activities. Pay attention to dreams, signs and symbols.

And Mercury trine Uranus, well, that just makes thought and communication more inventive and visionary. Yes, there will also be a few upsets, because you can’t be too brilliant or innovative without ruffling a few feathers. But if you’re tuned in and centered, intuition and previous experience will tell you when to share your world-changing visions and when to hold off.

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Have a wonderful holiday!



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