Today’s Scorpio full moon (4:49 p.m. pacific) is the first lunation following an eclipse cycle, and as such, is just the full moon we need to clear up, heal and transform all the crud that surfaced during the eclipse cycle.

And I don’t know about you, but a lot of it came up for me, and pretty much everyone I spoke to (many of my most fabulous and growth-oriented clients).

But if you sailed through the past month, not to worry, this full moon is not going to let you miss the lessons 🙂

And even if you know, by house, aspect and placement, or just by the school of hard knocks, what your specific lessons were, I might be on the lookout for a reminder.

Yep, it’s one of those moons.

Scorpio is the most interesting sign in the zodiac, and for good reason. It is all about evolution, destruction, and transformation. Nobody with significant Scorpio placements (sun, moon, rising, stelliums) gets an easy ride.

But the other side of that can be fabulous. There’s no success like a hard-won Scorpionic one.

In that regard, this moon does not disappoint.

Let’s start with the interesting news.

First, we’ve got a t-square between Pluto, the planet of transformation, and the sun/moon opposition. So if anything needs to be changed, Pluto will let us know. And if we don’t get the message, well, it will keep letting us know. Pluto, BTW, is the ruling planet of Scorpio, and as such, the planet of death and rebirth. As some of you know, the highest symbol of Scorpio is the Phoenix. The vengeful Scorpion is the lowest, then the powerful eagle.

So pay particular attention to what happens now, and especially what triggers you. And even more especially, what elicits a disproportional reaction. Then seek out the healing and/or support you need.

Jupiter and Uranus are conjunct now, and this is a slower moving transit, so I have mentioned it before, but this full moon, and a friendly nudge from Mars, tells us that it is time to work toward the expansion, adventure and fulfillment we desire, and that we need to focus on our message and how to get it out into the world most effectively.

Yes, Mercury is also highlighted in this full moon chart, flanked by Chiron, the wounded healer, and the north node, indicator of purpose, the message is to communicate clearly and authentically about that which means the most to you. Venus, the planet of love and charisma is also in conjunction, all of this happening in bold, forthright Aries. Bravery is required now in all areas. Where do you need to stand up, stand out or expand your comfort zone?

Remember, you are probably the only one in your office and/or household who knows what’s going on, so be gentle with others who may not know why they feel tense or triggered.

Some good news: Neptune and Mars are conjunct in Pisces. Creative and healing work is favored, so if you do one or both, promote your offerings now, as there is much need for art, creative expression and healing now. Find your message and your people will find you.

The other side of this coin? You may feel lazy, or notice others feeling that way. I say, go with it. A little down-time may be what is needed now.

Scorpio is a sign of healing deep wounds. But first they must come to the surface. If the eclipse did its job, that’s what happened.

And what we do following a full moon is to release, clear, clean, de-clutter and detoxify (this can be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual detoxing).

Hey, speaking of transformation…it turns out that that’s the business I’m in. Remember when I mentioned quantum leaps are possible. Well, now is the time. If you’ve been thinking about making this the year that you really step into your power and change it up, I’m offering my favorite and best sessions all bundled together!

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