The chart of Tuesday’s Taurus new moon (8:22 p.m. pacific) actually made me LOL 🙂

Yep, when I pulled up the chart of this new moon (18 degrees Taurus. What do you have at or around the 18th degree?) I saw that it contained only two types of aspects, conjunctions, of course, as a new moon means the sun and moon are conjunct, and sextiles, the friendliest aspect.

So basically, all the planets are cozied up, in agreement, or high-fiving and fist-bumping each other.

Which, I think you’ll agree is something we all could use after the eclipse cycle/Mercury retro combo we’ve just been through. So, yeah, I’m already a fan of this new moon.

I like new moons in general, as the sun and moon, which represent head and heart, are in agreement, tensions are generally much lower than full or half moons, and there is that impetus to move forward with new projects, whereas following a full moon, it’s all about completion.

But the chart of this particular new moon brings an even greater gust of energy, inspiration and enthusiasm.

Of course, a lot of what you’ll experience depends on where all the happenings fall in your chart, how the planets aspect your planets. I’m not gonna lie, this one really favors us earth sign affiliates, as the sun, moon, Venus, Jupiter and Uranus are grouped together in Taurus. Although fire sign affiliates will get a few high-fives from Mercury, Mars and the north node (purpose and direction) in Aries.

Seriously, almost everything is huddled up in four consecutive signs in this chart, with Saturn and Neptune in Pisces, and Pluto in Aquarius.

So generally, this is a good, creative, friendly and motivational one.

Starting with the sun/moon conjunction and working outward, we have another conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus, making it a stellium (grouping of celestial bodies) of Taurus planets helping each other out.

Are you an artist, healer, financial professional, or really, anyone who feels called to their vocation who wants a bigger audience/client base (and who doesn’t?) for your purposeful work? Now’s the time to expand (Jupiter) your reach (and comfort zone) using media and/or social media (Uranus), and shining the light (sun) on your soul’s work (moon).

On the other side of this is Venus, also in Taurus, it’s home sign BTW, though just outside of the conjunction. Venus is the planet of love and money, often referred to by astrologers as the lesser benefic (Jupiter is the greater). Money will come from working in your right livelihood, especially as Saturn is friendly to all these planets. And here’s the cool thing: discipline, Saturn’s forte, will be easier now. Whoo-hoo!

Neptune in its home sign of Pisces chimes in here, too, with another sextile to Jupiter and Uranus. This brings in more of that creative and healing energy.

And speaking of these lovely sextiles, don’t be shy tooting your own horn at work, or sharing your ideas publicly, as Mars (efforts) and Pluto (the boss, power) are in friendly aspect, too.

So, you might ask, is there anything potentially negative with this moon?

Well, I’m glad you asked. This is actually one of the questions I get all the time. “Do you see anything bad?'”( So much so that I actually wrote a poem about it a long time ago, which was published by Alabama Literary Review: “No, I Never See Anything Bad”)

But, I digress. Yeah, as always, there’s never a 100% perfect time in astrology (another thing I say often). In this chart, the moon and Uranus are too close together. But before you start giggling like a seventh grader, let me explain. Uranus (I pronounce it Ur-AH-nus, to avoid any references to anything it may sound like) is upset, disruption, but also fame, notoriety, revolution, and innovation.

Yes, the positive side of this is that you could have a brilliant idea that could change the world and/or catapult you to fame. The negative, which, alas, is much more common, is that you could get your feelings (moon) and/or ego (sun, which is conjunct the moon) hurt by something someone says or does, or blurt something out that upsets (Uranus) someone else. This could all magnified on social media (Uranus, again), so just be mindful.

Of course, anytime Uranus is involved, there is also the risk of zealotry and activism going too far. We are seeing some of this already, as the eclipse cycle and Mercury retro can’t help but stir up a bit of trouble. And one of my astrology mentors used to say that if an eclipse cycle ends on a solar eclipse, as this recent one did, you can count on the next full moon (which was April 23) being eclipse-like in its volatility. This moon did not disappoint in that regard, though the culprit was a t-square with Pluto and the sun/moon opposition.

So, yeah, it’s likely we’ll see more protests, bad actors, and continued warfare. But the U.S. is in the midst of its Pluto return, which means the news cycle shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

So, yes, that is one difficult aspect, but I’m hard-pressed to find another one.

Again, planets in your own chart will interact with transiting planets in different ways. Those of you with several fixed-sign affiliations may experience more tension, but this is often a message to surrender trying to control things. Fixed signs are notorious for control freakery. So notice when you feel the need to micromanage or sweat all the details. Chill and be mindful.

Since you’re (probably) reading this before the new moon, now’s a great time to get ready to use this productive, creative and initiating energy by completing what’s on your plate now, cleaning, clearing, and releasing until the new moon on Tuesday evening.

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