Wednesday’s Aries full moon (7:57 a.m. pacific, October 20) will bring a gust of energy to almost everybody. The question is what will you use it for? Yes, there will be those who get swept up in the aggression aspect of this full moon. As always, dramatic tension comes standard in any full moon. However, Aries is the sign ruled by the war god Mars AND transiting Mars is conjunct the Libra sun in the full moon’s chart. Both are indicators that those who are not in the know, and those who succumb to triggering influences now may not be on their best behavior.

But think of how far this extra energy could take you if you channeled it into your passions and used it to build something of import for yourself, your family, or the world?

I don’t know about you, but when I allow myself to get swept up into the drama or triggered by someone else’s behavior, I end up feeling frazzled and spent. But if I can catch and re-direct that energy, and put it toward something important, it’s always a better experience.

A lot of this energy will be physical. And even if you don’t feel it at first, taking a walk, doing some yoga or some cardio exercise may be what you need to do to scratch the surface of your energy reserves.

Over the next two weeks, try to get into the zone as much as possible, whether this is through exercise, creative work, or play–games and sports are favored now under this ultra-competitive influence.

And guess what? Mental activity looks pretty good, too. Mercury, now out of retro and leaving the storm period on Friday, is positively-aspected now. Did you have any out-of-the-box ideas during the Mercury retro that still look intriguing? Cool. It’s a good time to explore those a little more now. But if you didn’t, or didn’t keep a record of them, not to worry, more are on the way.

Also, communication between partners looks better now, as Venus and Mercury are friendlier. Make time for conversation, but also fun and adventure.

Remember that waning moon periods (the two weeks following a full moon) are best for completions, revisiting old projects, and maybe putting a new spin on something that wasn’t working before. Jupiter, the planet of expansion, luck, teaching, travel, and for the most part all good things, went direct on Sunday, so especially look at what has been held up since June 20 or thereabouts. Your rewards may yet be on the way!

Pay attention to intuitive cues and where they lead you. Meditation is always in style, but may be extra helpful right now, as brilliance will come from being out of your mind.

And speaking of rewards, the work that you do now will be fruitful one way or another, so make sure you are doing at least one thing connected with your grand vision for yourself and the world. And make sure that you are focused and intentional in the work you do. It’s a good time to reconnect with your big dreams. If you would like help doing this, let’s talk and set up a Vision Attraction session to get clarity and movement in that direction.

And, as always, if you want to see where all this happens in your unique chart, let’s talk.



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