An Aries new moon is a particularly energetic one, as Aries and the new moon are usually in agreement that it’s time for action. Sunday’s new moon (7:31 p.m. pacific) in the sign of the ram is no exception, although there are a few cautions, as usual, that will help you make the most of this great time for forward movement.

Venus is one of the stars of this particular new moon chart, as she is conjunct the sun and moon in Aries, and makes a friendly sextile to her partner Mars. Romance can be extra hot around this new moon and for the next two weeks, but that is a double-edged sword, as the drama is also amped up, because though Mars and Venus are getting along, there may be others who stir up the pot and make trouble in relationships. Beware of meddlers and other interlopers, as even the well-meaning third party might unknowingly make waves in your love life.

One of the reasons for this is a square between Venus and Pluto, which can play power games in the area of partnership, and throw things off balance. Mars squares Neptune, so substances and other manner of illusions may also intrude and muddy the waters. Being mindful and staying grounded is the best defense here, in addition to steering clear of those who are not present and/or those prone to drama.

But other than those two exceptions, both the male and female love planet are playing nicely with those around them, and harmony has a fighting chance if at least one partner is mostly grounded and forgiving. Yep, that would be you. But by all means, show this to your partner if he or she is receptive.

Here’s another thing that could trip us up now and pretty much throughout 2021: Saturn and Uranus squaring off. Yes, this will be the big, defining transit of 2021, and where it falls in your chart and how it affects your other planetary placement will be of supreme importance. I have mentioned several times before that we are all being given the opportunity to up-level this year, and this transit is one of several reasons I say this. Our transformation will likely hinge on fixed planets in our own charts. The fixed signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. If you are one of these signs, or have prominent placements in the fixed signs, let’s talk. These areas may be where we need to develop more flexibility, consider different viewpoints and allow ourselves to be guided rather than trying to control. I’ve often said that each of us has an inner control-freak. When we are aware of our rigid positions, we are on the way to understanding this lesson.

Jupiter is another planet worth mentioning in this new moon’s chart. Jupiter is the planet of all good things. Generally, the only time we need to worry about Jupiter is where we or others are prone to excess. But in this chart, Jupiter is very well-aspected and will bring blessings when you communicate with both passion and presence. Lead with your heart and encourage others to share their dreams and aspirations. You may be inspired to make bold moves with Jupiter in friendly aspect to Mars and the sun. It’s a good time to enroll others in your vision. This is especially true for air and fire-sign affiliates, though I predict we will all get a boost in this area around Sunday’s new moon and over the next few weeks.

So let’s talk about coming attractions, or, as the case may be, distractions. First, Mercury enters the retro storm in a little over a month on May 22, though some (again dependent on placement) will feel it a little sooner. The actual retro period starts on May 29 and goes until June 22. But I would give it another week to get out of the storm. This is all the more reason to get important stuff done now. If you can get a little ahead of the game, all the better. This retro happens in Mercury’s home sign of Gemini, which is both positive in that this is one of the signs in which Mercury is at home. Ideas and mental creativity abound. On the other side of the coin, Mercury retro in Gemini can be double the prankster.

Also, we are coming up on an eclipse cycle about the same time as Mercury retro, beginning with a Sagittarius lunar eclipse on May 26. Again, I’m giving a lot of notice so that you can get stuff done now and take some needed down-time later. Eclipses often cause disruption, so attend to those nagging thoughts about what needs to be taken care of. Now’s the time to, as they say, tie the camel by attending to practical details while we are more clear-headed. Don’t overwhelm yourself. This is about letting yourself be guided, and being willing to listen to the guidance that you receive, and do the work required.

2021 is shaping up to be a much better year than 2020, but it is not without its challenges. Much transformation will occur. It’s best to be in the driver’s seat when transformational opportunities arise. If you would like further guidance, I’m here to support you in maximizing your success by working with rather than against the prevailing planetary energies.

And starting Tuesday, April 27, I will be hosting an experience that is part Moon Circle, part Abundance Workshop, part Community Coaching, and part fun happy hour! Creating Abundance by the Moon is a 3-Session event via Zoom. We will meet around the next full moon (April 27), new moon (May 11) and Lunar Eclipse! (May 25). Let’s rock 2021 and work in alignment and harmony with the planets to create success, love and abundance!

Happy spring and happy new moon,


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