Tonight’s Aries new moon (11:25 p.m. pacific) continues the cycle of productive and mostly fortuitous moons, as well as the healing energies that touched down around the Virgo full moon two weeks ago.

If you have taken my advice and begun to clear out some of those things no longer needed in your life and surroundings, you will have set yourself up for some good forward momentum over the two weeks following this energetic new moon.

The first thing that strikes me, as I look at the chart of this lunation is the proximity of Mercury in Aries to the sun/moon conjunction. This will bring about more direct communication. And while Aries isn’t known for its niceness or mincing of words, the planet of communications being so close to the sun and moon cozied up (in as much harmony as Aries can muster) will ultimately yield more benefit than pain. In fact, much pain can be avoided by listening now.

Maya Angelou (Aries sun, born very close to a Libra full moon) famously said “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.” This also goes for what they tell you. Honesty abounds now, and people will tell you who they are and what they want. For example, if someone you’re dating says they “need space” now, give them so much freakin’ space that if they want to amend that statement, they will need to pull up Google Earth to find you.

Conversely, sugar-coating will leave a bad taste in your mouth more so than usual. Our b.s. detectors will be on high right now. And that can’t be a bad thing. Even if you kind of want to be fooled, you’re going to have a harder time playing along.

Mercury is not just communication, but ideas and mental processes. Learning and research is also favored now. Many discoveries will be made, and “aha” moments had. This is not only due to this fortuitous Mercury in trailblazing Aries, but also due to the dynamic conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune, which will bring spiritual knowledge, healing insights and deeper intuition to the forefront.

And yes, these combos also mean more truth is coming out in the media, and more clarity about what is going on behind the scenes is revealed. Pay attention. Meditate, be mindful. Step away from the fray and opt out of the drama. Be a noticer. And be a truth-teller. Shine the light on what you know in your heart to be true.

Jupiter edging toward Neptune also makes us more aware of the spiritual reality at play. Our illusions are being shown for what they are now. Facades are falling away. This is a vital stage in our growth and evolution. And with all the major planetary alignments over the past few years, it’s no wonder that truths are coming out.

Case in point, the Oscars, an institution celebrating illusion in all it’s forms, gets a literal slap in the face, causing a little more of the fake luster to fall away. Stay tuned for more inconvenient realities seeping into the illusions we’ve held dear.

Of course there are those who will double down on fakery and escapism. It’s no mistake that more and more ways to tune-out are being invented and promoted now. There is a choice being offered and it’s the choice between eyes wide open and eyes wide shut.

And what in the world does it mean when Saturn plops down on the loveseat between Mars and Venus in quirky Aquarius?

Well, one thing it can mean is that it’s time to evaluate that interesting new lover, investment opportunity or out-of-the-box job offer to see if it has real legs to stand on. In fact, practicalizing something that that has merely been a fun novelty may be the only way to keep it going if you do decide you’re in. See above diatribe about illusions.

Yep, this new moon is a super-good one for new beginnings, as Aries is the sign of new beginnings. And Mercury is right there to support you in getting your message out there. But let’s work with Saturn to make sure we want the new start that we’re asking for and that it is something worthy enough to do the work to sustain.

A lot of what I said in my last article is still in play, including the delicate balance of doing only those things that spark peace, love and joy, but also getting stuff done that needs to be done. It can be achieved, but its biggest nemesis is waiting till the last minute to do things. Saturn sandwiched between Mars and Venus seems to be saying: you can have sexy times, but get the house clean first.

Also, we’ve still got a clean slate in terms of no planets retro, so that adds to the green light factor. Add to that Pluto and Uranus being a bit quieter for now, so no major obstacles making things overly difficult. Onward!

If this article spoke to you in any way, I’ve got more to tell you based on how your unique chart is being sparked by what’s going on overhead. Let’s talk.



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