I don’t think too many people will come though this eclipse cycle without a bit of drama, nor at least one blast from the past, as Mercury retro in emo Cancer puts its two cents in. And if you haven’t been punked yet, there’s a good chance that Saturday’s lunar eclipse will have something to say about that, as this one looks to be the most volatile of the series. But perhaps this is good news.

You will remember that Pluto and Saturn came into their fateful conjunction as 2020 began, marking the year for difficult lessons and opportunities to transform and transcend. In so many ways, we are being called on, now more than ever, to see what has been hidden or obscured. Our love of ease and equilibrium has kept us, to varying degrees, from the growth we now need. But now, with the coronavirus, societal unrest, economic turbulence, and a deeply-divided nation, we are each being called on to not only stand in our own truth, but to reach out to others and seek to understand.

One of the main features of an eclipse is the uncovering of truth that always marks this time. In an eclipse, there is temporary darkness, then a revealing of the light. Pay attention. We sometimes forget that we have to go through the dark to see the light, or that we have to see and acknowledge how bad things have gotten before we can make the necessary changes.

Many people have or will find out what old resentments are lurking in their relationship. Others will discover or be reminded of some disturbing truth at work or in their family. Again, pay attention. You are being given the tools to work with this information to heal and rise above the difficulty. Too many of us, upon being shown truth, brush ourselves off and continue on our merry way. If anything , 2020 has taught me that we can’t do this anymore.

And speaking of the light being shown to us, methinks that after the July 4 eclipse (9:44 p.m. pacific), we will see even more revelations about individuals in the public eye, particularly those relating to government officials, as this eclipse happens on our nation’s birthday, and thus will have a profound impact on our political process and destiny.

How do you want to shape that destiny? I know, for myself, I want to do what I can to help insure that as many people as possible vote in the November election, and in all free elections to come. Whatever your vision, it is time to volunteer, donate, march, make phone calls, write letters, draft petitions and otherwise be the change you would like to see in the world.

Pay attention, also, to your intuition. You have probably had the all-too-common experience of receiving an intuitive hit or hunch about something, and then, either because it seemed illogical or because you didn’t want to cause trouble, you went against it, and regretted having not taken heed. This is one of those times when intuition will be heightened for most of us. And stakes are higher now. So get on speaking terms with your gut, and stay centered throughout the day.

Even before all of this weirdness, being an introvert, it was a little un-centering to go into a big store like Costco, or worse, Walmart, which to me is a vortex of energy-drainage. But now, with having to mask, social distance, and usually wait in longer lines, it’s even more draining. I like to do a mini-meditation before heading out, or even in my car before heading in to a store to preserve my energy.

Everything hinges on our energy vibration. It’s what attracts good or ill fortune, friends, clients, lovers and opportunities, or the lack thereof. Take care of it. Don’t let anyone hijack your energetic alignment, and if something does, move through the emotion and do the repair work right away.

Surprise, surprise: aggressive people are going to continue communicating aggressively through this eclipse and the two weeks following it. Mars in Aries squares retro Mercury in Cancer. There will be knee-jerk reactions, and emotional meltdowns. Be prepared and centered. You may have to mediate between disgruntled parties once or more over the next two weeks.

But there will be brilliant, creative ideas and life-changing insights, thanks to a sextile between Uranus and Mercury. All this is more available when you are meditating and otherwise centering yourself. Take walks or run, swim if you can, or take baths. It’s a good time to be in the body, as the mind will occasionally cut in and reward you with gold nuggets.

And another sextile between Mars and Venus can turn friendly relationships toward romance. And if you are single and dating online, this may be a surprisingly good time to find eligible suitors. Neptune is retro, and well-aspected now, so there’s less danger of being taken for a ride.

But do proceed with caution, taking into account that Mercury is retro until July 12, and out of the storm by July 19. Double-check everything. Stay centered, and remain flexible.

For the two weeks after the eclipse, it will be most favorable to focus on completions, clearing and cleaning, dieting and detoxing. The new moon following an eclipse cycle can be a renewal like no other. So, if possible, save major launches for July 20.

And speaking of July 20, I will be doing a Zoom New Moon Circle at 6:00 p.m on Monday, July 20. The first new moon after the eclipse cycle is a wonderful time for setting intentions. We’ll do a fabulous energy-sending and manifesting circle to impress your intentions on Higher Consciousness. And we’ll talk about the new moon in Cancer as well as the cumulative effects of all three eclipses, the other important aspects in play, and how it relates to each sign. Admission is FREE, but I suggest a $20 donation (or whatever amount you can contribute) to Feeding America. I am looking for a small, intimate circle of about 8 participants. Please RSVP now to join us.

AND I will be doing a Facebook Live chat tomorrow, Friday at 6:00 p.m. pacific about the final eclipse in the cycle, the various retros, aspects, and a little commentary on current events in the midst of these planetary twists and turns. I hope you can join me.



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