Tonight’s new moon in Capricorn (9:00 p.m. pacific) brings powerful, transformational Pluto into the mix with a conjunction that asks us the question of who we truly are, and how we will cultivate and use our power in the world, our workplaces and families. It is the question of power vs. force. And it is the question of whether we will live deliberately or by default.

Harkening back to the great conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter at the winter solstice, and looking forward to the powerful Aquarian stellium around the lunar new year, I will reiterate that each and every one of us is being offered the opportunity to look at our actions leading up to this point and to ask ourselves who we want to be now going forward, to consciously choose the higher expression of ourselves, and to walk toward that ideal, holding ourselves accountable for the changes we have said we want to make.

We can see this happening on the national stage, and how those in the public eye are answering that question. And this will be a good time to see what path others in your life will take. I’ve spoken to several people recently who have entered into a period of uncertainty in their relationships. This is emerging as a theme. And this is a good thing, as others will really begin to show you who they are and where they are headed.

And the time around this new moon is a wonderful time to write your own manifesto. What is your purpose, and more importantly, what will you purpose to do in the next few weeks, the next year, and the rest of your life. In other words, know what you stand for and set your intentions. This is one of the most powerful new moons for doing this, or renewing your commitment to what you’ve already intended, that I’ve seen in a while.

One important function of a new moon is to bring a bit of relief and harmony, as the sun and moon are conjunct, or in agreement. The events of the past week have been difficult to say the least. But events like this are to be expected with strong heavy-hitter aspects such as last year’s Pluto/Saturn conjunction which is still sending out aftershocks, and the more recent Saturn/Jupiter pairing. These are aspects that challenge us and reveal larger truths. The question is, will we use these challenges to elevate ourselves or will we use them as excuses for not living up to our potential?

And we do need to take a few quiet breaths now, and experience some of that relief and harmony in whatever ways we can. Sometimes it will mean going off social media for a while, or unfollowing certain people for a time, taking a break from the news. Meditate, do yoga, make and appreciate art, go for walks, take baths, or whatever helps you to center and ground.

Mars and Venus are also prominent in this new moon’s chart. And in typical fashion, Mars makes the trouble, as it squares Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury, making it harder to get things done, communicate clearly and realize one’s opportunities, particularly for those caught up in emotion and shaken by change. Uranus, the planet of sudden, disruptive change is conjunct Mars.

Venus, however, comes to the rescue, in positive aspect to Mars and Uranus. Venus is peace, love and justice, and these are what you want to bring with you everywhere you go. There will be peace to make in your home, on social media and in work meetings, I guarantee you.

Yes, there will likely be more violence and uprising. There will be sudden events over the next month, as the full moon at the end of the month has many challenging and power-packed aspects. Again, be centered and grounded. Meditate so that you can mediate and otherwise sow peace and love. Remember, we’re actually still in the tricky rat year until February 12 when the more stable, hard-working ox takes over.

The other side of the coin is brilliance, lightning-flash intuitions and insights, lucid and prophetic dreams. Pay attention. In fact, the more time you can spend in mindfulness, the better.

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