This morning’s Gemini lunar eclipse (1:30 a.m. pacific) kicked off a dramatic and cathartic 2-eclipse cycle that will give us the opportunity to exit 2020 carrying a lighter load and a renewed sense of purpose. If we play our cards right.

But before we get to that, it’s important to note that eclipses, particularly lunar eclipses, can be tense and explosive, as the sun and moon (head and heart) are in direct opposition. And any eclipse is a temporary disruption of natural law, which can contain both extraordinary opportunity and peril.

Another important aspect in the chart of this eclipse is an opposition between Venus, of love and money fame, and Uranus, the planet of brilliance and catastrophe. There will be great ideas and/or sudden reversals of fortune. Be centered, present and receptive.

It may also be wise to have contingency plans in place. Events such as flooding, fires and other upheavals of nature tend to favor eclipses and the two weeks between eclipses.

Where is the best fortune to be found in this eclipse chart? For a change, it’s Mercury. The planet of mental processes, communications and commerce makes friendly aspects to heavy-hitters Saturn and Jupiter, and Pluto by extension. So all manner of communications, especially those planned, practiced and well-delivered, can bring luck, power and positive status change. Be deliberate and purposeful with your words.

Mercury is further exalted with the moon in Gemini, one of the signs it rules. Gemini is one of the most intelligent, and most adaptive signs. Do your research and be flexible. Be willing to change tactics if something isn’t working. Plan B’s will get a lot of play this eclipse cycle.

Remember that the two weeks following a full moon/lunar eclipse are good for reducing, releasing, and creating habits of elimination. Have a strong intention around what you’d like to achieve and manifest, then get busy whittling away at what stands in the way of your vision.

The eclipses work together in that the lunar eclipse can help clear the way for progress which can often be realized or significantly gained upon around the time of the Sagittarius solar eclipse on December 14. Again, have a plan for what you would like to achieve over the next few weeks, and a few results you would like to experience from these pursuits.

I will be doing a Facebook Live chat tomorrow, Tuesday, December 1 at 6:00 p.m. This one will be all about the Gemini Lunar eclipse as well as all the other important aspects in the full moon chart, and how it relates to what’s going on in the world, and what’s coming up! I hope you can join me.



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