Saturday’s 27 degree Gemini new moon (Where is 27 Gemini in your chart?) will bring us an eventful and active couple of weeks in which, if we manage our energy and focus, and keep coming back to what’s truly important, we can accomplish and affect a lot of positive change and forward momentum. So, that said, is it a “green light” new moon?

Well, there are too many squares hanging out around this one to say that for certain, especially for those who give up easily or don’t suffer course corrections gladly. But if you are flexible, have air affiliations (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius), or many placements in mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius), you might weather this one pretty well.

The first thing I do when I pull up the chart of a new or full moon is look at the aspects to the sun and moon. And in this chart, there is only one aspect to the sun/moon conjunction: a square to Neptune. In challenging aspect, Neptune is the planet of illusions, delusions and escapism. The temptation toward turning away from truth will be strong now. And, yep, we’re going to see a lot more of that on public display.

Those who took my advice to use the last full moon to reduce unhelpful habits and behaviors will be in the best position to stay strong and keep choosing real well-being over immediate gratification. Neptune in negative expression wants the easy way out. It doesn’t want change or growth. It would like to keep its head in the sand.

However, the Gemini new moon has a remedy for impulsive and escapist behavior baked in. Gemini, while an impetuous sign that is quick to act, is also a mental sign that enjoys research, observation and scientific methods. So notice and become a student of yourself. Observe the temptations to go against your grand vision. Take time to quiet the mind. This may be the hardest thing to do under the influence of a Gemini moon, but that is why it’s so vital. The Gemini moon can also be a wonderful dispassionate observer.

Yes, when Gemini is dominant, as the echoes of any full or new moon last for two weeks (until the next lunation, full moon in this case), sometimes focus must be courted. It may feel harder to meditate or get centered. You may find it helpful to break down tasks into smaller pieces. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Use timers. Reward yourself after periods of focus, and for choices that support the vision you have for yourself. Reward your intellect, as you will be more curious now, especially if you have strong air placements, or air placements that are being aspected by the other planets in this lunation. Where does this new moon occur in your chart? Knowing the house will tell you an area in which to direct your study and action, and also how to best focus your energies.

Another notable coupling besides the sun and moon in Saturday’s new moon chart is Mars and Venus. Yes, the love planets are conjunct in fun, adventurous Leo. Plan an outing with your partner or have fun meeting new potential partners if you’re single. Make a game out of these pursuits, and keep things light. Mercury is in friendly aspect to Mars and Venus, so communications can go well. However, Uranus is in challenging aspect, which can throw all kinds of curveballs. Take a page out of the Gemini playbook and be extra flexible, and have a plan B, and maybe even a plan C and D.

Jupiter also chimes in, which means: wait till all the information is in before passing judgement. Ask the question “For what might this be good?” And take a deep breath. Lean into the change of plans, as there are plenty of these in the offing now.

Yes, there’s will be many opportunities for compromise. Make sure you feel right about it, but do explore alternate routes to get where you’re going. Remember: flexibility, versatility and the ability to pivot are super-useful now.

Saturn and Jupiter are working well together now. So do the work. If you have a routine of sorts, a code of ethics, do what you say you are going to do and be where you say you are going to be, the luck will show up. In fact, the closer you adhere to what you said you would do, the more opportunity knows where to find you. Yeah, I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but it bears saying.

And while I’m addressing the choir: don’t be fearful. While there are a preponderance of squares, and you may find yourself being triggered, adopt the mantra” Isn’t that interesting” regarding your own behaviors and reactions. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable with others. The right people will show you who they are, as will the wrong ones. Act accordingly.

Here’s a question I’m getting a lot: Is the economy going to hell? I think not, though there will be some twists and turns. Don’t freak. And don’t constrict. Think: investment, expansion, next-level. Yes, do your research, the Gemini moon demands it, but don’t hem and haw too much.

Remember that extra boost of intuition that came in last month? Everyone should have gotten a little of that. Get quiet. Ask your guidance which is the path of most joy. Then make the leap you are being called to make.

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