Just before the January 1 new year, I gave my daughter a new calendar. She immediately flipped through the pages to August, her birthday month. Upon seeing the picture, her eyes went wide with excitement. She said “Whoo-hoo! I’m an owl!”

Of course, this was just the picture on the calendar page, and meant about as much as calling January 1 a “new year.” But I loved her surprise and eagerness to embody this beautiful bird. Owls, of course, are known for their innate intelligence, and they value silence, as they fly soundlessly. They are flexible, seeing from all angles, and can navigate the dark. We talked about how we can learn from the owl and develop and cultivate owl qualities. And as we were having this discussion, I had the thought that this was a perfect way to approach the lunar new year.

Of course, the upcoming year is not the year of the owl–although I wish the owl was one of the lunar year animals!–but the year of the rabbit.

And the best way to work with this lunar new year? Wake up on January 21, the day of the new moon here in the U.S., and look up at the rabbit statuette or paper-cutting you recently acquired, and exclaim “Whoo-hoo! I’m a rabbit!”

Then embody the gentleness and intuitive, sensitive nature of the rabbit. Yet be present and alert enough to move quickly if needed. Declare yourself lucky, right then and there, because the rabbit is among the luckiest of the Chinese zodiac signs!

Rabbit is yin–receptive, calm, nurturing, in contrast to the yang–active, fast-moving, assertive–year of the Tiger from which we are emerging.

So, if you’re ready for a break from the frenetic energy of the tiger year, you’ve come to the right place. And if you’re a fellow empath and/or introvert who’s tired of boisterous yang types taking up all the airspace, this could be your year, because not only is it the year of the rabbit, the element of the year is water, which brings even more sensitivity, emotion and gentleness.

This is not to say the rabbit is not social. On the contrary, rabbits enjoy a good gathering, and have loads of charisma. But this is a sign that favors moderation and self-care in order to cultivate the energy needed to be around others for any length of time. Don’t make excuses this year. If you don’t want to go, or if you would rather take a bath, don’t apologize or say “I can”t”.

All years have positive and negative qualities, and a few of the things to watch out for in the rabbit year are the tendency to play the victim, over-sensitivity, fearfulness and timidity, and arrogance born from insecurity. Also, the rabbit can be a cunning trickster who preys on the good nature of others and/or poses as a sensitive romantic. Trust your intuition, but a Google search or a second opinion on a new suitor wouldn’t be a bad thing, either. Astrology is good for ferreting out b.s., and excellent for evaluating relationship compatibility. Just sayin’.

But mostly, the rabbit year is a positive one that will bring needed hope and respite. The rabbit is also a symbol of longevity. Great advances in healing and medicine are likely, as are solutions to individual physical and emotional problems. It’s a good time for those in the healing professions as well as those seeking remedies.

The rabbit is simply elegant, avoiding ostentatious or flamboyant displays. Value and taste is important in fashion and home decor. And working with stylists, designers, therapists and other professionals born in the sign of the year is favored.

Business will be mostly good in the rabbit year. The rabbit is self-disciplined and smart-if-not-hard-working. A rabbit will be able to sniff out good values and time the market right. Keep your eye on the goal and be on the lookout for sudden opportunities. But again, there will be craftiness afoot. Did I mention that you should make sure to have your friendly neighborhood astrologer evaluate any potential partnerships or any business interest who wants you to sign on the dotted line?

Four More Things You Can Do to Set Yourself Up for Success in the Year of the Rabbit

  • Obtain a small statuette of a rabbit and one of your own lunar zodiac animal (make sure they’re of comparable size). On the first day of the lunar new year, you’ll place them side by side, facing east. This will bring you luck in the new year.
  • Clean house. Get rid of as much clutter and tiger-year dirt and grime as you can. You will want to start out the new year as unburdened as possible.
  • Buy some new clothes specifically to wear on new year’s day (January 21 for those of us in the US). And on that note, make plans to celebrate the new year. But feel free to celebrate all week, or even longer, as Asian new year’s festivities are not confined to one day.
  • Look for a lion dance, and give the lion a red envelope with a few dollars in it. Or give this gift to a child and/or make a donation to a charity in honor of the rabbit.

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