I love the solstices and equinoxes. I love the changing of the seasons (even though we don’t always get the full effect here in San Diego), and this one, the Autumnal Equinox, is my favorite.

Yes, the transition from summer with its blockbuster movies and light beach reads, to the more serious and scholarly tone of fall as well as all the trappings: hot drinks, comfy socks and the like, is my happy place.

Here on the west coast, the fall season begins at 11:50 p.m today, Friday. That’s the time the sun moves into Libra, which many of you know, is one of the four cardinal signs that begin each of the seasons.

In my last post, I mentioned that the equinox is great time for setting intentions, as well as celebrating the season, and the successes of the past seasons. But, let’s take it a step farther.

Complete the following sentence with the first word that comes to mind:

“This is my season of…”

Mine was easy. The word the came was Writing.

It could be something more abstract as well, such as Peace, Joy or Abundance.

(Bonus points if your intentions align with the Libran values of justice, equality, beauty and relationship).

If all that sounds good, commit now to creating habits that increase these good feelings.

Once you have your general theme, choose a couple of sub-themes. What are three things you would like to commit to improving this fall season? 

And, what successes–celebrate them and bask in the gratitude for these wins–would you like to build on?

Perhaps burn a candle, say or write a few words to that effect, then do some small, tangible thing, such as scheduling the activities that pertain to these improvements. Keep it small and manageable. What one or two things could you commit to adding into your routine?

Do you have to do this at 11:50 tonight? Nope. Not unless you’re up and motivated to do so. Do it this evening or when you wake up tomorrow.

Then make a commitment to hold yourself accountable to making incremental changes. 

Along the way, reward yourself with the comforts of the season. 

May you be blessed with extra luck, love and success this autumn.

Fall Equinox Blessings,


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