OK, I’m a little late to the Leo full moon party. I have a good excuse. I had a bit of a cold. And being a Virgo moon person, I decided I’d rather it start without me anyway. And wouldn’t you know it, the moon is now in Virgo and I finally feel like writing, and I’ve got my voice back, which is a nice little convenience to have in my line of work. And Virgo is a great sign to follow up after the Leo full moon because there may be a few things to clean up, which is probably why Virgo follows Leo in the zodiac, kind of like that guy sweeping up after the parade.

In general, when a full moon is coming on, especially a full moon in fixed signs, I make sure to warn my family and plan ahead. Both my husband and daughter are fixed signs, sun and moon, well, actually, sun. moon and rising, now that I think about it. So it can be a tad challenging. Anyone else know of any fixed sign sun and/or moon people, or triple-threats with sun/moon/rising (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) who got a little rocked or rattled over the past few days?

The 17 degree Leo full moon occurred on Sunday at 10:29 a.m., but often the tension can be felt a couple days on either side of that.

When I look at a client’s chart near a full moon such as this one, I look at where the moon falls in their charts and how it aspects other planets. There is always a lesson to learn around a full moon. Like, for everyone. Sometimes, as we have all doubtless experienced, that lesson is painfully obvious. Other times, it’s something that emerges after the fact. But if we understand what it is, we can minimize the unnecessary drama and trauma as it unfolds and in the future.

But since I’m not looking at an individual’s chart, but the chart of the lunation, I can see the general lessons it brings. See if any of these speak to you.

Leo is the sign of attention-getting. Leo sun and moon people thrive to some degree on the attention of others. Where you have Leo in your chart is how you want and seek attention. This moon was left hanging a bit, and tried and true means of having one’s attention needs met may have been thwarted. Leo and Aquarius in opposition often highlight the struggle between the self (Leo) and the group consciousness (Aquarius). And at this full moon, the interest moved away from the self-serving to those who strive to serve large numbers of people.

The north node and Uranus in t-square to the sun and moon also point to purposeful direction through some adversity. Look at what’s working and what isn’t. And what needs to change. This may be one of those transformational “rock bottom” times for many. So if you do hit a low-point, use it to catapult you in the direction of your grand vision. The Aquarius sun is all about revolutionary change.

What actions could you take now on behalf of those you want to serve? Use the generosity of Leo to do the innovative work of Aquarius.

Mars and Venus are at odds now, so relationship issues may arise. They may be small points, but don’t sweep them under the rug. They will grow and reach back into the past to make a case. Listen to your partner, co-workers and friends when they are annoyed. Let them know that they are heard and that you will do your part. Small steps will help here, and may prevent bigger blow-ups.

And if it feels like people are a little more curt and testy, that may be true as well. But also, we are more sensitive to what others are putting out, so take that into account as well. And, yes, things will get easier, though in general this advice applies to the next two weeks. Remember my analogy about a full moon resounding over the next fortnight like the sound from a struck gong.

But yes, at times the next two weeks will seem quieter than usual following a full moon. There will be time for spiritual inquiry and inspiration. If you don’t think you have the time, make it. Brilliance will arise from silence and mindful activity such as cleaning, walking, yoga, basically anything that isn’t overly mental. Your answers will come when you’re not thinking about the problem.

If you’re a writer, this is a great time for channeling good work. All good writers are channelers to some degree. Show up and allow the inspiration. My friend Carolyn used to say “apply your butt to the seat”.

Remember that the two weeks following a full moon are best for completions, releases, cleaning, clearing, detoxing and the like. And now that the moon is in Virgo, it’s a great time to kick off cleaning or health-related pursuits focused on reduction and elimination.

Oh yeah, and if you know anyone who doubled-down on fixed signs when they were born, cut them a little slack now 🙂

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