The sun entered fiery Aries today at 2:58 p.m. pacific, kicking off the new astrological year. And what a new year’s party! A Zero degree Libra supermoon is the guest of honor, arriving in grand fashion (as Libras often do) at 6:43 p.m. And this moon is a dramatic one, sparking cosmic responses from a bevy of other planets before it reaches its destination. Zero degrees of any sign is the purest expression of that sign. So the two weeks following will be very Libran in nature. Watch for relationship drama and expect to be shown just where things are out of balance.

And that’s not all. We’ve also got a Mars/Pluto trine, which is a meeting of two heavy-hitters that could illuminate things that were previously hidden. A trine is the most fortunate aspect in astrology, so this bodes well, especially for those who are interested in uncovering truth, and diligently working toward that end.

But let’s not forget that we’re also in a Mercury retrograde, which means hooligans and their shenanigans will also be in attendance. Double-check, be flexible, have a sense of humor and re-do stuff. The full moon also puts us in a completion, rather than launching, cycle. So a good focus over the next two weeks would be de-cluttering, detoxing, and any manner of releasing, especially around relationship issues. Go within and ask where the blockage is, or what is out of balance. Chances are, you already have a good idea. Completing projects, or re-visiting shelved items can yield good results now.

Speaking of Mercury retro, it goes, officially until March 28 (watch out for extra trickery around that day). But let’s give it another week to get back up to speed.

And back to the vernal equinox. This is a time to set intentions for the year, as well as to be grateful for what has been achieved in the past year. Just don’t make any big, bold moves unless you are absolutely led by spirit to do so. That’s my Mercury retro rule of thumb, which works doubly well when there’s a full moon overhead. Don’t rush or push. Only do that which you are impelled to do.

Full moons (and Mercury retros) are great for visualization and out-of-the-box thinking. Trust your hunches, or at least write down your grand ideas.

And don’t forget to enjoy the party.



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