Wednesday’s Libra new moon (4:05 a.m. pacific) is a mixed bag of powerful energies, one of the strongest being Mars, which hooks up with the sun/moon conjunction. This promises to be a dynamic couple of weeks, as Mars can’t help but stir things up. And not far behind, we’ve got the tricky co-conspirator Mercury. And speaking of Mercury, there’s both good and bad news about the planet of communications.

The bad news is that Mercury in indecisive Libra doesn’t know what it wants, but that won’t stop it from stirring up drama. Yep, Libra can be both dramatic and passive-aggressive, and retro Mercury’s square to retro Pluto won’t make things any easier with the boss, particularly is there’s already a power struggle going on. It may also be challenging to set and enforce boundaries, though doing so is crucial now. Be as consistent as possible, especially if you’re the boss, as others will give you a run for your money. People without boundaries can’t respect yours, but you will need to adhere to them during this time.

And the good news? Well, retro Mercury in Libra makes a nice trine to Jupiter. So some of what you create now, in this out-of-the-ordinary and out-of-the-box time period we call Mercury retro actually will hit the right chord. Artists, particularly writers and actors can get a lot of good work out of this time. And some of Mercury retro’s glitches may actually lead to synchronicities that benefit your creative communications and getting them out into the world.

But Mercury retro is the reason that this new moon isn’t your typical, mostly-harmonious new beginning. Not that there won’t be some relief, respite and renewal, but we’ll have to carve out time to get centered and welcome this energy, and we’ll have to get in the flow to stay out of the drama. It’s still a good time to set intentions and do research around the next big move you want to make. But unless the angels are trumpeting, maybe hold off on the put-everything-on-the-line launch until they do. In other words, don’t force outcomes or allow others to coerce you to make big decisions now.

Another hallmark of Mercury retro is the return of old lovers. Do yourself a favor and don’t take anyone back during this tricky time. Old habits may also come calling, and sometimes the two will be hand-in-hand. If you find yourself re-considering an ex, you’d do better to wait until Mercury is direct and out of its storm. For best results, that would be after the October 22.

And not only will Mercury be going direct this month, but Saturn and Jupiter will also turn around. Saturn goes direct on Sunday. This will have a stabilizing effect on those who crave structure. If you’re of the other sort, it can be a little like the boss coming back from vacation. Or you might want to use it to get more disciplined and plan for the future.

Jupiter goes direct on the 17th, the day before Mercury turns around. It will take both planets a bit of time to get back up to speed. Remember that the day Mercury goes direct can be especially tricky. But Jupiter resuming forward motion may bring good luck, as rewards and benefits are often withheld or delayed while the planet of good fortune is retro. You also may want to take a fresh look at projects you’ve put on the shelf for a while. Things that weren’t moving before may pick up speed now.

Libra is the sign of harmony, justice and beauty. The pursuit and maintenance of these things is favored now. And because you’re one of those in the know, you may be called upon to be a mediator, or may forge that path on your own. There is a lot of work to be done now in the service of fairness, equality, beauty and truth which are strong Libran values. So whether or not you have strong Libra affiliations, if you are feeling the call to be a warrior of peace, this is your time.

As always, if you would like to see how all of this fits into your unique natal chart, and what is most favored for you right now, let’s talk. And if you would like to take a deeper dive into purpose, prosperity and transformation, let’s talk about Transformational Astrology.



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