…yep, a little teensy bit of drama.

Yesterday’s Libra new moon (2:55 p.m. pacific) hopefully brought a little more grounding and peace to you in the midst of the Mercury retro cycle. In fact, the energy was so erratic early yesterday that I had to wait until after the new moon to write this. I was all over the place, and quite overwhelmed with all I had to do after returning from vacation, but things did settle down a bit in the afternoon.

If you’ve been experiencing similar feelings of scattered-ness, know that this moon is a little more chill than the last one, and in spite of the Mercury retro, a lot can be accomplished now. Using timers and approaching tasks incrementally will be helpful, as concentration will be somewhat sporadic.

And speaking of Mercury, it will be retro until October, and mercifully, this one has a short shadow, and will be out of the storm by October 5.

Yes, there will be moments of drama, irritation and, characteristic of Mercury retro, fun and not-so-fun blasts from the past. But mostly these can be managed by stepping back, taking a few deep breaths and refusing to rush to judgment until all the information is in.

Because this sun/moon hookup captures a couple of oppositions, there will be reversals. And because Jupiter is one of the planets opposing the sun/moon conjunction, there is the possibility of excess, overestimation of time, abilities, stamina, etc., and the biting off more than one can chew. And because Neptune also enters into the equation, there’s a chance that one may be tempted by things too good to be true, or more susceptible to all manner of b.s. Check your sources on everything.

But knowing this is power. If you’re the type to make impulse purchases or react emotionally to perceived slights, this may be a time to exercise more restraint. Remember, we’re also in a Mercury retro. This is a time in which the proverbial ounce of prevention will come in quite handy.

Both the fall equinox and the new moon are beautiful starting points for new projects. If your heart is urging you forward, regardless of the retro, heed the call of your vision. Yes, there will be a few hurdles, but they need not get the best of you, as there is more positive, propelling energy than setbacks in this moon’s chart. And on the subject of the equinox, if you haven’t already congratulated yourself and celebrated all you’ve achieved in the past 6 months and set fabulous intentions for the upcoming 6 months, this is a great time to do so.

This all goes double if your vision includes the Libra ideals of harmony, equality, justice, truth or beauty. So what can you set out to achieve in these arenas in the next two weeks to a month? And what can you commit to over the next 6 months?

Libra is a sign of altruism, and if your goals are for the betterment of others, and in accordance with their hopes for themselves, this is a great time to work toward these ideals. Libra is also quite social, and you will find company in the pursuit of those endeavors that will benefit the many.

Of course it’s important to know where all this falls in your chart, but overall, this is a very positive two week period that can bring much progress, clarity and assistance. If I can be of assistance to you in maximizing your success during this time of up-leveling, let’s talk.

New Moon Blessings,


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