Tomorrow’s Pisces new moon (8:04 a.m., pacific, Wednesday) links up with Neptune, Pisces’ ruling planet, and the planet of all things mystical. This is a great time to go within and envision the change you want to be in the world. Pisces is the sign of yoga, meditation, art, healing work and humanitarian pursuits.

On the downside, Pisces also rules illusion and escapism. Drugs, alcohol and all manner of addictive behaviors also come up under Pisces.

This new moon comes a day after Mercury, the planet of communications, goes retrograde, also in Pisces. This will be an emotional retrograde cycle for most, as the 29th degree of any sign is serious business. Old problems and patterns may come up to be healed. Anything that has been pushed down may resurface again. But don’t be too scared. If you face it headlong, you’ll probably realize that it wasn’t as bad as you thought. Or perhaps a new solution will arise.

In fact, new solutions to past problems are one of the perks of Mercury retro, as are found objects, old friends and other blasts from the past.

This Mercury retro cycle will last, officially, until March 28 (that day, like today may also be a bit tricky), though we better give it a few more days to get up to speed. By April 1, we should be back online.

If, like me, you’re really feeling this one, it may not be all Mercury’s fault. A few other big aspects and transits are joining the party.

For one, the Saturn/Pluto meet-up in Capricorn is now officially a conjunction, which really tightens the screws, especially for anyone not playing by Saturn’s rules: integrity and discipline. Expect more political and legal turmoil on the national and global stage.

And tomorrow, Uranus, the planet of upset and revolution, moves into Taurus. This could signal major changes in the economy coming up, perhaps ultimately bringing more oversight and fairness to our banking system. This will also affect Taureans and anyone with Taurus placements, especially those in the early-degree of Taurus.

OK, friends, it’s a little dicey out there right now. But the new moon should help smooth things out. And the more mindful you can be, the better. Remember, not everyone knows how they’re being affected, so be flexible, compassionate and keep your sense of humor.

New moon blessings,


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