Wednesday’s 7 degree Pisces full moon (6:35 p.m. pacific) is one of those lunations that asks us to pay attention. With every single planet in at least one interaction, and most with two or more, this is an energetic, dramatic and tricky one. Yep, don’t forget we’re under the influence of a Mercury retrograde in addition to this sun/moon opposition.

Oh, yeah, and Mercury is not the only planet in retro. In fact Venus (love and money), Saturn (rules and regulations), Uranus (disruption and vision), Neptune (spirituality and illusion), and Pluto (power, transformation) are all retro on the day of the full moon.

So, what does a retro do to a planet’s expression? Well, for the most part, it brings out the shadowy aspects. There are two exceptions.

The first is Saturn retro, which is like the boss going on vacation and allowing most of us more leeway. I wrote a bit about this in a previous post. Saturn retro can be great for those who are self-motivated, but bad for those who really don’t want to do the work, as the boss will always return.

The second is Pluto retro. This may indicate the part of the transformation in which the butterfly emerges from the cocoon. The beautiful part that we all love to see as opposed to the crappy part: the caterpillar turning into slime in the dark, solitary confinement of the cocoon.

Yes, for many of you who have been doing the work of transformation, this may be a time in which more of the beauty and benefits of said work begin to emerge. Or perhaps that elusive next level comes into sight.

Want more good news?

The longer I look at any particular chart, the more layers I can see, and the more the soul of the chart reveals itself. That is why I do a deeper, studied session: Transformational Astrology, for those who want to learn about their own soul’s path, higher purpose and how the chart wants to evolve. Same thing goes for the chart of any lunation.

I began writing this article yesterday, in between clients, taking quick peeks at the chart. I am one of those who looks at each element of a piece of art before I am able to stand back and fully appreciate the beauty of it. After having written the last few paragraphs, I got busy again, and decided to come back to it in the morning.

But first thing this morning, I decided to write something about it for my Patreon peeps, so I looked at the chart again. This time, I saw the whole picture, and it was beautiful. All the little squabbles and misunderstandings dissolved into the picture of a near-perfect full moon, with mostly positive and complementary aspects. In fact, the only square was one between Jupiter and Venus, the two planets of all good things (Jupiter and Venus are known to astrologers as the greater and lesser benefics). And once again, unless you have too much of a good thing, this aspect will ultimately be very beneficial.

Yes, there are a few oppositions, aside from the major sun/moon polarity that defines the lunation, but opposites have inherent in them the opportunity for reversals and the finding of common ground, often through struggle and discomfort. Yes, there will be some of that.

And even the Pluto/Mercury opposition could bring more understanding in the long run. And maybe saying exactly what you mean to the boss can clear the air. But if you don’t want to do that, be mindful and know that those words are floating in the ethers now.

But most of you who read this will use the opportunities that arise to build bridges instead of walls. I know that because if you’ve read this far, you have some self-knowledge and awareness, and though you also have emotions (which may be heightened now), you probably won’t let them rampage unchecked for too long. But if this does happen, you will most likely learn and heal from the experience.

There are many beautiful trines, very positive aspects, many of these involving the outer planets, or heavy-hitters as I like to call them, in the chart of this full moon which will help us all to do meaningful things in the world and create good change in our homes and workplaces.

Who is going to be most affected by this lunation? Those who have important placements around 7 degrees, particularly Pisces or Virgo, but also Gemini and Sagittarius. It could be quite emo for these mutable signs, and concentration could be affected as well. If your sun moon or rising, for example, are in these signs near this degree, Saturn being this close to the moon (and opposing the sun) could have a wet-blanket effect. It’s good to know this. Be extra gentle with yourself now. Know that there may be a tendency toward self criticism.

On the other side of the coin, which earth or water (other than Virgo or Pisces) placements do you have near the 7th degree (from 4-10 degrees)? These placements will benefit greatly from this full moon, with the right mix of motivation and inspiration.

But wherever your natal planets are located in relation to what’s happening overhead, something in this full moon’s chart is calling to you. Want to maximize your luck, success and fulfillment? Let’s talk!

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times. There are no perfect times in astrology, as at least one planet could be harshing one’s mellow at any given time. But overall, this chart brings us more positives than negatives. Watch for synchronicities and happy accidents. Perhaps when faced with an irritant or inconvenience, ask yourself “For what might this be good?”

Remember, the two weeks following a full moon are a time for completion, release and reduction. De-clutter, de-commit, down-size and revisit shelved projects. research, revision and repair also fall under the domain of a Mercury retro.

Pisces and its opposite, Virgo, are very spiritual signs. They thrive most when centered and grounded. Meditation will be very helpful now, as there is much to distract and thwart us if we don’t focus our attention and be mindful. However, if we do honor our spiritual and/or contemplative practices, we will be much more effective and creative.

Full Moon Blessings,


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