A Pisces new moon, coupled with a Pisces Mercury retro already well underway is the perfect excuse  to take some time off for reflection, meditative activities of every  sort, and making and/or appreciating art. What? You say your boss isn’t  generally in the habit of giving Mercury retrograde sabbaticals?

Oh well. So maybe take a few mini-vacations over the two weeks following Sunday’s new moon (7:32 a.m. pacific). Even a couple hours off here and there can be quite helpful during a time when emotions run high, daydreams fly over conference rooms, and truth, when it’s not acting weirder than fiction, becomes more and more elusive. Massage and other bodywork is particularly effective and grounding now, as is meditation, yoga, and mindfulness.

Answers will be found outside the box, and in out-of-the-way places. Take long walks, dance, swim and take baths, rest and recuperate. Enjoy books and films. It’s my belief that Mercury retro happens so that we can take some down-time, and this is a particularly good one for that.

And a new moon usually brings relief. When the sun and moon meet, things are generally in more agreement than normal. During a full moon, the head (sun) and heart (moon) are at opposite poles. There is tension. A new moon dispels the tension by bringing them together. That’s why new moons are favored for gatherings, meetings, and having that sensitive conversation. There’s just more harmony and goodwill in the air.

Generally, new moons are good times for starting new projects. But with a Mercury retro, one would be wise to only start things that you are spiritually impelled to do at this time. Again, your boss might not understand, so of course, do what you need to do for work. But it would be wise to break up big chunks of work into smaller, more manageable pieces, and take frequent breaks, as concentration can be a little fleeting. And double-check everything.

The time immediately following a new moon is a good time to envision, plan, and, yes, daydream. Intuition, dreams and hunches will be plentiful and instructive. Meditations will be deeper and more rewarding. You may want to keep a dream and/or idea journal. Get quiet. Insights about purpose and next steps will appear.

Drugs, alcohol and other mind-altering substances will be particularly potent now, so be mindful.

As I’ve mentioned, people will be emotional. Most of them probably will not know why. Try not to get into arguments centered around closely-held beliefs. Learn to speak the language of their hearts, and their hearts will open. You can have very nice connections with people now if you stop to listen and honor them with your presence.

Do you have a book (or poem or letterer speech or essay) you need to finish? Good time for it. As my late friend Carolyn used to say, apply your butt to the seat. Don’t worry about quality. You can go back and edit later.

And in spite of a lot of what I’ve just said, with Mars exalted in Capricorn nicely aspected to the sun/moon, you will have spurts of very high productivity. Unexpected rewards for work done in the past may be bestowed now. Mercury retros can bring fun (and not-so-fun) blasts from the past. Ask yourself frequently, what is the message/lesson here? Use it all to uplift yourself and others.

New Moon Blessings,


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New Moon Circle – Sunday, February 23 at 6:30 p.m.

I’m having a New Moon Circle on the evening of Sunday, February 23 to celebrate the Pisces New Moon!
Here are the details: We’ll discuss planetary happenings for the month, including the tricky Pisces Mercury retro, and how to navigate the cosmic weather. We’ll talk and how to use the Pisces  new moon and accompanying transits to realize your heart’s desires! I  will also be offering a special gift for those attendees who book a  session with me. We’ll do a fabulous energy-enhancing manifestation circle and talk about how each of the signs can best navigate the upcoming transits. We’ll have refreshments and snacks.

Date: Sunday, February 23 at 6:30 p.m. The circle will last about 2 hours.
Where: My house in San Diego (Clairemont area). RSVP  to jackleen@innercirclecoaching.com to reserve your spot. I will limit this circle to 12 participants, so please let me know soon if you plan to attend.
Donation: $20.