Every once in a while, a planet steps out of the lineup to claim the lion’s share of attention, the good, bad and…well, maybe not so ugly in Venus’ case. Venus is the planet of love, money, beauty and justice. And she’s also known as the lesser benefic, which means she generally bestows good things (Jupiter is the greater benefic). But what happens in a Venus retro?

It’s not as common as a Mercury retro, but it often does to the above-mentioned qualities what a Mercury retro does to communications. So if it seems, between now (Venus went retro on Friday) and November 15, that love, money, beauty and justice are acting a little like the opposite of that quality would act, well, that would be Venus retro in action.

Yes, it’s a time when we can get in trouble in these areas if we’re not careful, and sometimes even if we are. Like Mercury retro, misunderstandings are common. And contracts are pretty much ill-advised (if you must: check, check and double check). Particularly business and financial partnerships. Haircuts? Makeovers? I’d wait, unless you always get the same thing done by the same person. And please, no cosmetic surgery. And if you can refrain from getting married, hold off, even if you’re madly in love. Especially if you’re madly in love.

But there is good news. If old problems come up in any of these areas, you will find new ways to approach them if you only take a moment before reacting. If you have an intuitive inkling to do anything related to an old problem in a new way, lean into that.

And if you’re an artist, you will definitely benefit from new ways of looking at your medium. Step outside of what you normally do. Take a class in another discipline. But above all, create. Yeah, some of it won’t work, but you will push your creative boundaries in a way that will strengthen you as an artist.

Monday’s new moon influences will soften it a bit for the next two weeks, as new moons are harmonious, with the sun and moon cozying up in Libra, the sign ruled by Venus. Although Venus herself is in jealous, power-mongering Scorpio. Scorpio is sexy, but that can be a double-edged sword. Venus just isn’t at home in this heavy water sign. But once again, the upside can be transformation. Pay attention. Resist acting from what triggers you. Get some distance and watch yourself.

And to top things off, we’ve got a Mars/Venus square caught in the new moon chart, so conflict will arise. You can pretty much bet on that. But the more important aspect is a trine between Venus and Neptune. And this is about keeping your eye on the prize, which is unconditional love. If you are committed, true love will win out, if indeed it is true love.

And if an ex-comes back during the Venus retro, be extra cautious, as this tide usually does wash up a lot of things from the past. If you get back with a former lover during a Venus retro, it will probably be short-lived. If you really think you want to go back there, take your time and look deeply at the reason you broke up in the first place. Could that possibly be an issue again. If so, it probably isn’t meant to be.

But one of my retrograde rules of thumb is: only do that which you are impelled spiritually to do. Meaning no big changes that aren’t absolutely inspired. Which, by the way, would be a good rule of thumb regardless.

One cool thing about this particular Venus retro is that truth will come out. Yes, some of it will be uncomfortable, but the truth is what we want. Always. Work with the truths that emerge. Question beliefs that come up to be looked at. Strive to be love and justice in action.


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