Okay, this is my new favorite solar eclipse! Not only is the sun/moon conjunction in lucky Sagittarius, but the sun, moon and Mercury are all being favorably aspected by Mars, the planet of action. What you do now and in the next two weeks to a month to purposely fulfill your heart’s desires will be amplified and multiplied by the universal powers-that-be. So set strong intentions and follow up with concerted action.

In addition, we’ve got a Jupiter/Saturn conjunction, moving toward exactitude on December 21, which is well-aspected by Venus. Jupiter and Venus are the greater and lesser benefics respectively, meaning that these two planets almost always benefit, but when you mix Saturn in, it’s likely that you stand to benefit from work that you’ve done in the past. And there will be more work required.

And speaking of December 21, the winter solstice, which in itself is a day of new beginnings as the sun moves into the cardinal sign of Capricorn, the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction that will be exact that day occurs at zero degrees Aquarius. This is what 2020, or as I like to call it, the year of the rat, has been preparing us for. Aquarius is the sign of the visionary, it’s the sign of awakening. And this is definitely one of the markers of the Aquarian Age, in which our mission to bring our consciousness up to the level that our technology has attained ramps up. In many ways, we have seen promising trends in that direction, but much work remains to be done.

But, back to the solar eclipse. I don’t want to give the impression that this eclipse doesn’t have a few jolts in store. Eclipses are moons on steroids, which amps up emotionality, urgency and other means of dramatic expression. While solar eclipses generally play nicer than lunar eclipses, in a way, this one packs a little more of a punch than the November 30 eclipse.

Mars squaring Pluto is one of the major culprits in this eclipse chart. David is going after Goliath again, and he may be a bit more p.o.’ed about it this time around. And perhaps a little more unhinged. Mercury, in shoot-from-the-hip Sagittarius, squares Neptune, which can skew mental processes and communications toward the illusory and the absurd, and make people prone to lashing out. We are already seeing this ratcheted up in the national news cycle.

In our personal interactions, we will have to be extra mindful, as many will be “under the influence” of many things, whether it be substances, delusions, or other means of misinformation. Stay centered and grounded, giving your well-being first priority. Assume good intent and communicate from that place. Keep your eye on the prize, which is what most people want: love, peace, prosperity and justice, and continue to work toward your vision.

Yes, the world is changing, and we need to be flexible and open to guidance. Meditate and participate in meditative activities. Do tasks mindfully, and try to limit multi-tasking. Be more in the body than in the mind as much as possible. Have pen and paper near your bed for middle-of-the-night insights. No, not your phone. Turn it off or put it away for longer periods of time now. Be creative and move more. And gather with like-hearted people, yes, probably virtually for now.

As I mentioned in my last article, preparation is key. And while we’re still under the influence of the lunar eclipse (until the solar eclipse on Monday at 8:17 a.m. pacific), it’s a good time to complete projects, clean, clear, and organize. Focus on elimination now, and building after Monday’s eclipse.

I believe good things are in store, as most people want an up-leveling for humanity. I think we still have much work to do to create a better world, but much of it has already begun. And while 2020 isn’t over, and the character of the year won’t change until February 11 when we swap the year of the rat for the hard-working ox year, we will have bright spots in which we can more readily see and affect change, such as Monday’s solar eclipse and the winter solstice.

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