If you’ve been heeding my advice and getting your ducks lined up and closets cleaned out, this is your time. An optimistic Sagittarius solar eclipse is just the ticket to launch a big dream with strong intentions and small action steps that solidify your commitment.

Friday’s solar eclipse (11:43 p.m. pacific) will be an energetic and interesting one. Sagittarius is the sign of good fortune, expansion, travel, education and teaching, all good things in my book. Yes, the sign does have some drawbacks: snark, flakiness, biting off more than one can chew, etc., but mainly, this eclipse looks positive and productive as long as you realize that it is an eclipse, and that there will be surprises and a touch of drama. Flexibility is key when these curveballs appear.

One of the things I’ve been telling people, and practicing myself is budgeting extra time for even the simplest activities. Focus, attention span and concentration may not be at their peak for most right now. Distractions are coming from all angles as the ecliptic energy stirs up intrigue. Daydreams and other means of fantasy are floating around, along with the brilliant insights and breakthrough solutions. Yep, we can safely say that this one is a mixed bag.

And don’t be surprised if your emotions go up and down in the space of hours or even minutes. Getting centered first thing will go a long way in keeping you energy intact. But since we are between eclipses as I write this, you have probably already had some experience with this over the last week or two, I’m guessing. Do mini-meditations throughout the day to keep yourself in the vision and feeling good.

Mercury factors heavily into the eclipse chart as it is conjunct the sun and moon in fiery Sagittarius. The gift of gab will be bestowed on most, especially those with strong fire affiliations. But Mercury is a double-edged sword as it is susceptible to Neptune’s fantasies and distractions, and also prone to Sagittarian outbursts and foot-eating moments. Again, get centered. Know what you want to achieve in your communications, and plan out any public speeches.

Mars is another key player that has both positive and negative aspects. With Pluto and Venus both in friendly sextile to the planet of action, steps taken toward spiritual transformation, love and finances, as long as they are well-thought-out and for the good of all concerned, can bring rich rewards. Talking to powerful people or working toward obtaining a more powerful position are also favored. Although small steps are the best way to proceed. Mars squaring Jupiter cautions against biting off too much or leaping without a net unless you feel divinely guided.

The Saturn/Uranus square I’ve been talking about all year is still very strongly in play. Again, if you want to reform the system, you must go about it in an organized, and, yes, systematic manner rather than just going nuts. And if you want to go up against the big boss, make sure you have a strong case.

Another aspect of this defining aspect of the year is that by establishing and adhering to a routine, you leave space for the heavens to open, and great insights to rush in and fill the void.

If you are reading this before Friday’s late-night eclipse, worthwhile activities are those associated with cleaning, clearing and all manner of release. Get as much of this preparatory stuff done before 11:43 p.m. pacific on Friday, as this solar eclipse will require a clear runway.

What are some of the actions you intend to take after the eclipse? Make a list and make sure you are ready.

Again, this looks like a good one. It will bring more clarity and a stronger sense of purpose to those desiring this. It will provide many opportunities to move in the direction of your vision, and opportunities to put your spiritual wisdom into practice. Carrying over what I said in the last article, look upon everything as an opportunity, even and especially if it is challenging. The goal is not just to manifest the thing you envision, but to be the person who would create and live beautifully into that vision.



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