Saturday’s Halloween Taurus full moon (7:49 a.m. pacific) comes to us as a bonus gift during the time that the veil between the living and spirit world is the thinnest, the time of Samhain and Dia de los Muertos. A full moon enhances intuition, spirit communication, and heightens emotions. And we’ve got an always-powerful Scorpio/Taurus dynamic, as well as several challenging aspects stirring up the cauldron. So basically, it won’t be a boring time.

When I cast a chart for a full moon, the first thing I look for is the trouble. And oftentimes there’s one culprit that seems to be the biggest troublemaker in the chart. Mars has been at the helm for a few moons, and Mars squares Jupiter, which is close enough to Pluto and Saturn to get them all in on the action. But Mars isn’t alone in its shenanigans this time.

Uranus, the planet of disruption and mass movement cozies up to the moon, making flare-ups emotional and personal, and with the Scorpio sun in opposition, both sides of any debate will be ginned-up for sure. So perhaps steer clear of politics and religion, LOL. We will see this in national and international news as well as in our personal lives. Uranus increases the magnitude of what happens, and Mercury is how we hear about it and react to it.

And Mercury, who, lest we forget, is retro until November 3, squares Saturn, and, by extension, Pluto and Jupiter. So, yeah. There will be big communication snafus, and long delays, outages, and reversals of fortune. My advice: vote early if you can.

A Jupiter/Neptune sextile is one of the positives in this moon’s chart, as it will further increase intuition, spiritual insight and lucid dreaming. Pay attention to signs and subtle shifts in energy. Write down any ideas that occur to you that are out of the ordinary, or that seem to come from an inner knowing. Luck and synchronicity comes from following your intuitive hunches and paying attention to dreams. Symbolism is front and center now. So you will get subtle and not-so-subtle signs from the Universe!

Yes, there is a lot of anxiety in the air now. Stay grounded, meditate, and ask for spiritual guidance in whatever way works for you. Try to take some time off from news and devices. You will receive the next step. You will probably once again be guided to step a little further outside of your comfort zone. I had a coach who once told me “Your comfort zone is your _____ zone”. Money, love, mastery, fill in the blank. Expand it a little each day in some way, large or small.

November 3, election day is also the day that Mercury goes direct. As you may know, the days that Mercury changes direction are especially eventful in the problematic sense. Suffice it to say that there will be shenanigans: interference, outright trickery, and more than likely a couple of states too-close-to call on election night. There will be legal challenges. Venus recently entered its home sign of Libra, which is a good sign for justice prevailing in the end. It is the highest planet in the chart of this moon through election day. The overall feeling I get from the outcome is not one of darkness and gloom. Ultimately, the will of the majority will be heard and heeded, I predict. Though I mostly tend to shy away from predictions, I think our republic will survive and become a better version of itself due to the tribulations of recent years, and that democracy will live to fight another day.

What’s coming up between now and the end of the year? Well, I’m afraid the year of the rat isn’t going to give us too much of a reprieve from the craziness we’ve been experiencing. We’ve got an eclipse cycle coming up in November and December which will stir up a bit more toil and trouble of the same variety that we have been experiencing. But eclipses can be fabulously transformational. We’ll be talking more about this. Stay tuned.

Please join me tomorrow, Friday, October 30 at 12:00 p.m. pacific on Facebook Live for a chat about the Taurus full moon, how it relates to current events, and how to best navigate the next two weeks.

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