This Saturday’s Virgo full moon (12:17 a.m. pacific) is one of the best moons of the year for a lot of very essential things: health and healing, cleaning and organizing, humanitarian work and service, research, revision and completions. And it’s the first full moon of the lunar year, so it also offers the chance to get the year started on the right foot, as completing as much of the old year’s business as possible will clear the decks for the massive work required in the practical ox year.

And not only is it the ox year now, which values work more than any other year, but the planetary aspects that dominate the year are heavily weighted in favor of Saturn, the planet of discipline, rules, restrictions and routine, and, yes, hard work.

But hard work that is not tethered to a great purpose won’t help you do anything more than break even this year. The ox is at its happiest and most efficient when working in service of a grand vision. And because the new year rode in on a wave of Aquarius planets grouped up together, the most planets in the sign of the visionary in hundreds of years, this goes double (and if you were born in the year of the ox, double that again).

Although aspects are softening a little now, as the sun recently moved into Pisces, and Mercury is now direct, the lessons that arose for us between the winter solstice and the February 11 new moon/lunar new year will likely be the defining lessons of the year.

For most of us, but particularly those with major fixed sign placements (Aquarius, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio) lessons of the past may re-emerge to be looked at, worked on, forgiven and released. And Saturday’s Virgo full moon is the perfect time for mental, physical and spiritual detox.

It’s a good time for manifesting, too, but do the clearing ceremony first, and get clear on why you are doing it, your big vision and purpose.

A clearing ceremony can be simply moving through a list of people and situations, offering forgiveness and blessing, and perhaps visualizing an image dissolving.

If any of these items bring emotion, perhaps a conscious breakdown is called for. This is entering into the feeling and the willingness to be with it, observing it, until it dissipates.

Expect changes, and expect opportunities to see old problems in a new light. Old issues have probably already arisen to be looked at. If you catalogue your “triggers” along with their default reactions, you will get loser to changing your response in the moment it happens, which is tremendous power.

Issues that may arise now are those related to relationships and security. Be ready to pivot in a new direction when these issues surface. Meditate on how you can do things differently.

Saturn square Uranus will be one of the defining transits of the year, and it’s still hanging out. When these two giants clash, you’ll be glad you have insurance and other protective precautions have been taken. It’s a good time to review your finances, coverages and attend to other practical matters. Saturn likes to see us putting one foot in front of the other. Is there anything important that you’ve been putting off? Make a list and start checking things off. This is a perfect time to get things in order.

Order, organization, health, healing and revision are great undertakings around a Virgo full moon. You can get a lot done now and over the next two weeks, especially if you know what is likely to get in your way and you have given some thought to how you will respond to it.

While the ox year is a practical one, it would be better this year to work for less money in something akin to your vision, than for more money in a job far from what you really want to do. Visualize and plan a segue between the work you do for money and the work you love. Take time off to work on your passion, and take every opportunity to get closer to where you ultimately want to be. Volunteer work is also favored, and all work that is undertaken with compassion and vision will be rewarded one way or another.

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