Well, I hope every surface in your home is de-cluttered and disinfected. I’m kidding…kinda. Because, yeah, it would actually help to meet a Virgo moon with as orderly of a space as you can, as Virgo is the sign of organization and housekeeping. Of course if your house isn’t in order, the next two weeks would be as good a time as any to accomplish that. But there’s much more to the multi-faceted sign of Virgo, and this Virgo new moon.

The Virgo new moon (4:00 a.m. pacific, Thursday) and the two weeks following it is a good one for getting things done. Not only is Virgo a practical, responsible earth sign, but we’ve got a nice trine to Saturn, the planet of responsibility, which will inspire more practical behavior and help you to tackle some of those things you’ve been putting off. And not only that, but when Saturn is nicely aspected in this way, you will likely get some rewards for doing so.

Pluto is also included in the trine, which brings more power to these detail-oriented and forward-thinking tasks. Having taken care of important small tasks, you will feel more empowered to make the larger changes. Or the big boss may come in and notice that you’ve gone the extra mile.

Saturn sometimes gets a bad rap because it’s all about discipline, rule-following and routine. It’s about persevering and biding one’s time. Not at all sexy or adventurous. And let’s not even get started on the lessons of the Saturn return.

But, being a Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, I have come to appreciate the steady guidance of the ringed planet once I began to understand that Saturn can be predictably satisfied by doing the right thing. And much of Saturn’s work is sending little love notes to one’s future self.

Which is a pretty simple concept, actually. If you clean the kitchen tonight, you wake up to a tidy space with no dishes to wash before getting breakfast ready. If you tally all your expenses on a weekly basis, you don’t postpone all that work for tax time when you have to do it all at once.

That is what this Virgo moon is all about. Small tasks, done routinely. Little pieces of the bigger puzzle coming together, one at a time.

I’ve been talking about this for a little while. I always attract those clients who need to hear some of what I also need to hear. So I’ve been hearing a lot about how the little leaning is leading us to the grand calling. What little thing are you being drawn to do? Embark on that now. Let this piece of the puzzle show you the next.

It’s great to have a grand vision. We all do, I am convinced. But sometimes the whole picture is not in view. Sometimes we can only see a small bit of what we are being called to do. And this is a good time to let that be enough, and to focus on the piece in front of us.

And even if you do know your grand vision, this may be a good time to narrow your focus to one aspect of it, and how you can maximize that piece.

Aside from the detail-orientation of Virgo and Saturn, one of the reasons for this pulled-in focus is Mars retrograde. On September 9, the planet of action and energy went retro, which brings down boldness a notch or two, and gives less fuel to big launches for the time being (it goes direct on November 13). It can also make fiery types more cranky and prone to little un-strategic bursts of aggression.

And in addition to Mars being retro, it is in challenging aspect to Saturn and Pluto. So there will be some push-back from our impulsive selves, against rules, routine and discipline. Be aware and mindful of this, and have a plan for what you’ll do when these impulses arise.

And speaking of difficult aspects, Venus squares Uranus, which means partnerships and finances may be impacted by sudden reversals. Preparing for challenge, while not obsessing about it is the key to handling whatever may arise.

Yes, we are in a precarious time. I don’t need to list all our challenges here. Let’s all do small things to help out in this transformational time. And let’s focus on what we do want rather than what we don’t want, to help bring about the transformation in the way that we would most like to experience it.

But the good news is that Jupiter is direct, which means more luck and opportunity for those who do strategize and have done the important work of getting prepared.

A good question to ask when Jupiter goes direct is: what can I take off the shelf and focus upon again with a new perspective? If you need clues, look back to what you were wanting to achieve four months ago when Jupiter went retro.

We all have had things we’ve had to put on the shelf: travel, gatherings, and all manner of next steps. But what small thing is calling to you now? And what is the first step you will take?

Please join me this evening, September 17, at 6:00 pacific on Facebook Live for a chat about the Virgo new moon, how it relates to current events, and how to best navigate the next two weeks.

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